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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MrPancakeMix6, Sep 1, 2018.

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    I was recently checking my payscore, and I saw that I only had 49, even thought I have done a large number of achievments, which I added up to around 480 payscore. So I have no idea if it disappeared, or if I accidently spent it without knowing. I don't know what to do. To my knowledge, the only things I have ever bought are 4 sponges. People say I might have bought a destiny Knot, but I don't do any breeding, and I know that I have only found 2 destiny knots, and I remember selling both of them. I don't know if my score disappeared or if I bought it and completely forgot about it.
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    It is a known bug that payscore can reset upon a client-side crash. It is unfortunate, but it can no longer be returned. Sorry :[

    If you frequently get the Ticking Entity crash, try minimising the window while connecting to Johto.
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    As Broken said.. It’s a well known bug and nothing can be done about it. Minimizing the window does indeed help with the ticking entity glitch but doesn’t entirely fix it, keep that in mind.
    The only thing i can recommend is to just keep saving and try to get the amount you need for the item you want to buy. Although it’s a common bug, it’s not guaranteed that you will lose all or bits of your payscore.

    Best of luck
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