Mid-May Updates!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Maggie, May 21, 2017.

  1. Maggie

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    Mid-May Updates!


    Hey guys! Here are some of the AMAZING new updates we are finally able to reveal to you all! As you see, we have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! If you had experienced any issues on our old website that seemed to appear out of nowhere, it was because we were updating to our new website. You will see over the next few days, things be cleaned up on the website to make it look a lot more neat! You will also notice that you are able to see profiles and be able to see how you customize your threads now! We hope you like the new updates to our website!

    Along with the new website we will also be adding our BRAND NEW HUB! You will see our new hub is also similar to the background art on our website! As always, you will be able to join any server by right clicking the compass, clicking on the NPCs, or going through the portals! Take your time exploring the hub and trying out the parkour on your time off!

    We have even more features coming up soon and we hope you guys stick around to see that too! We have a sale coming up soon so stay tuned! Enjoy the website and hub updates! Thanks to the builders and our artist for working on these amazing updates. Thank you guys for being a wonderful community! Feel free to leave any comments below!

    Website Art Credit:
    Checkout more of our Artist's work & follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/pigeonbirb/
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  2. _Brokencrystal_

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    The new website is amazing! :O Still some odd things such as application pages having peculiar names (e.g. "Hoenn App Application"), typos in the application questions, no ratings at all save for profile posts, an inability to quote parts of posts by selecting that section of text, not sure if the Journey logo is supposed to come down along with the navigation bar when you scroll down, as it looks slightly awkward.

    I did UAT for my parents' websites, okay. Don't kill me please >.<

    I'm assuming this is including the /hoenn, /skyblock etc. commands. :p
  3. Gdogg4

    Gdogg4 Member Senior Mod

    Oooo Can't wait :p
  4. Expedes

    Expedes Member

    Thank you for pointing these bugs out! We will be able to adjust and fix the small things you have mentioned in the post for sure. Regarding the Logo, yes that was just a part of the website that the developer added that comes down and I do agree, it does feel a bit awkward moving down with the scrolling so we may change that as well.
  5. Maggie

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    <Server> App Application should have been fixed and then typos should have been fixed as well.
  6. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Alright, thank you ^^;
  7. MicroLasticFan

    MicroLasticFan New Member

    Ho do i install a server?
  8. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    If you mean you want to install Pixelmon so you can join the server, Maggie has made a guide thread for installing it here http://journeygaming.com/threads/installation-guide-1-10-2-pixelmon-5-0-4.2020/
    If you mean you want to set up your own server, that's a lot more complicated, this probably isn't the best place to ask and I think you may be better off searching for guides such as this http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Personal-Minecraft-Server
  9. CompetitivePvPz

    CompetitivePvPz New Member

    What's going on.
  10. BaconPuns

    BaconPuns New Member

    I suppose that the new website isn't 'Mobile-Friendly'.

    On the phone, when you open the store, to select the Region/Server for your purchase, the Logo + The Groups (Forums, Store, Vote e.t.c) goes down too.

    This block the first Region (which is Kanto) for smaller phones

    Luckily I use Iphone 6+ which the screen is really big :p

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