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    May News

    Happy May! This post will be a nice short one :) This past month we have had a few updates with some bug fixes implemented to some of our servers. Just recently our Pixelmon Servers upgraded to Pixelmon Version 5.0.4! If you haven't been on this week, make sure to upgrade your pixelmon versions!

    Summer is right around the corner! We know that for those of you in school, exams are either coming up or have started so good luck! However the end of the school year is really close! We have many things ready to reveal to you guys and we are all super excited to show them off! You might see a few changes and new additions within the next weeks so be hyped! If you have any suggestions, comments, or anything else, feel free to comment below!

    Make sure to keep voting so start off summer with a bang and be #1 on the Voting Lists! As always, thank you everyone for being such a wonderful community! We hope that you will find great friendships and a fun environment to spend time on!

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    Yesssss darkraiiii, thanks Maggie
  3. SaltyPenguinn

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    "May" you please tell me when the sale is coming .3.
  4. iiLucas

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    "May" you remember what happened last year in May...release of Sinnoh! You can't possibly top that

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