Journey March Mixed Creative Contest (Creative + Build + Pun Contest)

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    March Mixed Creative Contest
    Hellooooooo everyone! Its time for a MIXED CREATIVE CONTEST! "Mixed?! What do you mean mixed?" By "Mixed" I mean that our usual Build Contest and Pun Contest have been merged with the Creative Contest for this month! Show off your creativity to us in submitting your work of art by following one our themes for this month: St. Patrick's Day, Spring, and Easter! You are also allowed to reference anything on the network or pixelmon! Make sure to read all the rules below!

    1st: $25 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys
    2nd: $20 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys
    3rd: $15 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys

    Mixed Creative Contest Submission Ideas
    Art (Digital or Hand-Drawn)
    Builds (A build created on OUR server)
    Puns (A pun story about one of the themes)
    PixelArt (Created on a server)
    Song (Youtube video link with you singing a song, playing an instrument, or cover!)
    Lyrics (Lyrics that you made up or lyrics you changed to a song that exists)
    Story or Short Story
    (Use your creativity to write something up!)
    Comedy Skit
    (A Youtube Video YOU created!)
    Photograph (Show off your photography skills with a nice screenshot or actual picture you took)
    Collage (Compilations of pictures you have taken all together)
    There are many MORE things you can submit!

    Creative Contest Rules and Requirements
    Start: March 10th
    End: April 8th Midnight EST
    Theme(s): St. Patrick's Day, Spring, or Easter
    Server: If you decide to create something on a server, make sure to ADD what server and the coordinates your submission is on!
    Submission: You may only have 1 entry!
    Team: You may enter a submission with friends (except for builds)! Make sure to list everyone's names!
    Pictures/Media: Please add or attach a file or picture of your submission in your reply post! We need to see your artwork, video, etc that you create! If you make a video with a cover or you singing, please attach a link to the lyrics you made!
    Originality: Please make sure that anything you submit is original or created by you! If you do a cover of a song for example, it needs to have something that you added to make it unique (like making up your own lyrics to the song, or playing an instrument)! Just make sure to try to be as Original as possible! If you submit a build, please do not enter anything you copied or schematic.
    For Build Submissions:
    Your builds must have been created by you only! No partners! You CAN have people fund your builds by giving you money or supplies, but they CANNOT build with you! If you had already been working on a build, feel free to finish the build ( as long as it fits the theme) and submit it!
    For Pun Submissions: Your submissions must include atleast 3 sentences more than 1 pun!

    Please keep all of your submissions appropriate!
    If you have any other questions? Feel free to post them below or message me privately!

    ***NOTE: If you get an error trying to add a link or picture, please make sure to have made atleast 3 posts on our forums. If you still can't attach or link anything, please send me a pm and I'll attach it for you!***

    Creative Contest Reply Layout

    In-Game Name:
    Type of Submission:
    Add a description of what you made:
    Link or Picture to your Creation:
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    In-Game Name: DivineJason
    Server: Johto
    Type of Submission: Build
    Add a description of what you made: Xerneas 3d art 5647|65|-1324
    Link or Picture to your Creation:
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