Love Keys and 10% Sale

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    Love Keys and 10% Sale

    Happy Valentine's Day! For the next week we will have a 10% off Valentine's Day Sale! Its also time we bring back our Love Keys! In the Love Crate you will find pink, red, and any other cute shiny pokemon! There are also Lovely Aura pokemon, a few shiny legends, and Pro-Elite Ranks! Purchase the key and test your luck!


    This Valentine's Day we are also introducing "Love Grams"! A Love Gram lets you purchase a Love Key and a few perks for a person of your choice! The Gram include 1 Love Key, 12 LoveBalls, 12 Rare Candies, 12 Red Roses, and a Heart Mail that says "Happy Valentine's Day!" All grams are sent anonymously, so you won't know who you are getting a Love Gram from! Gift your friends or that special someone! Make sure that if you buy a love key for a friend that plays on another server, that you buy the key on the server they play on! Example: You play on Sinnoh but your friend plays on Unova, purchase the key from the Unova Shop! Have fun!


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  2. EndWolf

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    WHOOOOOOOOOOOO MUDKIP is in the example
  3. AbsolGasai

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    HYPE! and what he said ^ <3
  4. spartan_114

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    finally another event key
  5. AbsolGasai

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    wdym "finally"? they just added and dropped the zodiac keys yo xD
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  6. AbsolGasai

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    I can't wait for when they update to march news!!! :D
  7. Mr_DagALkeef_B7

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    Nice updates. <3 :$

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