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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by surand, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. surand

    surand New Member

    I got killed by a creeper which is fine but i was respawned to the staging area.
    I have been playing for a while and have created a nice base which I have claimed.
    Normally if I died I was respawned to near my base,
    Any ideas on how to get back?
  2. skilly1996

    skilly1996 New Member

    if you have the cords a mod+ can teleport to the cords and tp you there or just walk there.
  3. surand

    surand New Member

    what is the 'cords a mod+'?
  4. ProNyan

    ProNyan New Member

    Cords are coordination which is x,y,z and they are numbers which will show by using f3, and a mod+ mean a moderator or higher. and if u give the coordination's of the spot u need/want to tp to in ur case ur stuff i believe u can give it to a moderator or higher they can tp u to the spot
  5. Ciusana

    Ciusana S-Mod I Builder I Santa Staff Member Builder Admin

    do ./claimlist and it'll tell you the coords of your claimed base, tell these to a mod or higher online and they can tp you to your house. Be sure to set a home there.
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  6. surand

    surand New Member

    thank you all for all your help, am finally back home!

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