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    About me:
    HI!! Maybe not many of you know me 'cause i left the server for well over a year now, i used to be a gym-sub and joined Johto since green times, i was known as Kaven321 which made everyone think my real name is kevin xD, but my real name is Mahmoud Mahajna, i'm arabic xD lives in Israel, i'm also bad at english, i'm a memester, and prankster, i'm 18 years old now, my Bday is in the 15th of August, which makes me 3 days older than Loominon ( ・ิϖ・ิ).

    Favorite food:
    • Burgers
    • Pizza
    • Any junk food basically
    • A traditional food called "Mansaf" (if you google it, you'll find it related to camels, but no i've never tasted camels)
    • Lamb meat xD (like pfft obviously, it runs in our blood)
    Food i hate eating:
    • Anything healthy
    Hobbies/things i like doing:
    • Swimming
    • Riding horses
    • Reading stories and theories (yes i'm a nerd xD)
    • Playing videogames
    • Taking photos of random thing, like a photographer (although i don't like taking pictures of myself)
    • Programming!!
    Games i like playing:
    • Call of duty games, i started playing COD since COD 4
    • Need For Speed (favorite one most wanted)
    • CS:GO
    • MAX PAYNE!!! I have sooo much good memories with this game
    • Any game with good story line (like Life is Strange, Undertale...)
    Places i like to go to:
    • My room and that's it (ik doesn't work for someone likes taking pictures)
    Latest update in my life:
    So basically i quit gaming in general almost 8 months ago, which was one of the reasons i stopped joining the server, now i'm working on my social life, cause i was extra addicted to gaming i never spent time with friends and family, so now although i like staying in my room, i barely stay in it, in the 8 months of me quiting gaming and so one, i traveled almost 16 times, 8 of which were to italy, 2 times to Turkey, once to Romania, 3 times Poland, once to Greece and Hungary. So basically i don't stay in my room that much anymore.

    Favorite pokemons:
    • Hoothoot!!
    • Gengar
    • Lugia xDDD<3
    • Slowbro
    Things about me no one in the server knew:
    • I'm allergic to lactose
    • I like Cerelac (it's a baby food brand)
    • I like coffee
    • I have Tinnitus (which means in silence i still can hear hissing sounds, which at first was extremely annoying but then got used to it)
    • I have Misophonia (basically i can't stand loud chewing or eating sounds or heavy breathing and so on)
    • I have OCPD
    Weird kinda messed up thing i did:
    I'm only telling one of the stories that i did so, basically me and my cousin used to play a game we called "CIA Agents" where me and him (mostly, we became a bigger group later on) basically me and him used to have some hand made tools in order to spy on our neighbors, literally i used to craft all the tools, and experiment and stuff, and it wasn't like a game where we are messing around and everyone used to laugh at us cause we were really young (at that time we both were 7 ish years old) no no no, everyone hated when we play because some messed up thing would happen, we had no limits in that game, long story short, one of the things we did was, we used to sneak in one of our neighbors house hold, CUT THE FENCE literally they changed the fences soooo many times, and no matter how strong it was i always found a way to sneak in with my cousin, so one day, me and my cousin started playing the game and i had some new tools, and funny enough it was spring which meant the blueberry tree my neighbors had will start growing some fruits, and here comes the part where people would start joining for the first time ever, my sister,me,my 2 cousins, my mother, my uncle, my aunt, all looked at eachother and were like... "You know... I don't think they would mind if we got 'SOME' of the fruits on that tree" so they sent me and my cousin to get 'SOME' of the fruits, but me and my cousin wanted to try the new tools i made, so long story short we came back with 2 huge branches from the tree and we filled 3 huge bags with fruits, from ALL the trees XD, fun times. But then we got punished and my mother,aunt,uncle sent us back to return everything and apologize and stuff :p which wasn't that much of a fun times.

    Details about me:
    • I like giving peope without asking for any return
    • I used to be extremely angry but now i'm extremely patient
    • I had blond hair xD now my hair is naturally mixed, brown with blond, even my beard has blond and brown in it
    • I don't like lying
    • I have bright brown eyes
    • Single .-.
    • Don't like to talk in person that much (i'm a quiet person)
    • I'm shy around new people, but after a month max of me knowing you, i'll turn into the most open and talkative person you'll know, that's unless i don't trust you
    • Everyone says i'm smart and can get things extremely fast, yet i consider myself as a dumb human that can't achieve anything or do anything correctly
    • I love piano and everything related to it
    Quotes i like:
    • Don't look at your past and wish, because soon your present will become your past, and then you will keep on wishing, without any progress .(i just created that xD)
    • Don't hate on something, that it may hold so much good for you, and don't love something, that it may carry so much harm for you.
    • Riches are not from an abundance of worldly good but from a contented mind.
    • No two things have been combined better than knowledge and patience.
    • What has reached you was never meant to miss you, and what has missed you was never meant to reach you.
    • The best of houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness.
    And that's "briefly" describing me xD
    So lastly thank you for reading this long essay and remember, loom smells <3
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    Nice to meet you Kaven, hope to see you if you ever return to the server.

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