Lily's Living Shiny Dex

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  1. EnderPika2497

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    Hello, the network of JourneyGaming. It's Lily from Kanto here.

    Ever since Kanto updated from Pixelmon 3.5.1 back in December 2016, I have been working on a living shiny dex. Yes, a living one. If you don't know what that means. Basically, every single pokemon that has it's own pokedex number sits in my pc box in national pokedex order in it's shiny form.

    I often get asked what ones I have, and well it's quite a lot. And people still want me to list them out. I found a way for you guys to view my shiny dex completion rate.

    I have a Google Sheets (requires an email) that I use as well for a list but I have this website right here for a visual look:
    If you want to be added to the Google Sheets, pm me your email on here. It's completely harmless.

    Check it out to see my progress.
    I only count the shinies I have on Kanto.
    And in order for me to mark off that I have the Pokemon, it has to stay in my pc boxes. shiny_umbreon_at_night_by_kisshouten-d4bgjmj.jpg
    If you want to help, awesome! I appreciate any and all help. <3
  2. BrownBoyyy

    BrownBoyyy New Member

    i has shiny buizel
  3. ThorTako

    ThorTako Member

    Ive had all the shinys except for like 10 of the legends but sold like 95% of em

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