Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CompetitivePvPz, May 25, 2017.

  1. CompetitivePvPz

    CompetitivePvPz New Member

    Post new threads in roleplay, it's a chat for forum fun :)!
  2. Agent_Ducky

    Agent_Ducky Member

    Hello friender wenders
  3. aum0001

    aum0001 New Member

    I guess I could get down with that. Just what would the RP be about? Lol
  4. Rumba1313

    Rumba1313 Kanto Manager Staff Member Manager

    oh boy... It begins...

    Rumba ~
  5. aum0001

    aum0001 New Member

    Lol yas rumba. The times are changing... lol

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