Journey Legendary Pokemon Spawning Guide

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    Hey! Hope you're day is running smoothly, I thought that I'd list all of the legendary Pokemon, where they spawn and when. You can always use /locate (Pokemon), but it could take a while to figure out the legendaries which spawn in a certain biome.

    Palkia - Extreme Hills M - Day
    Dialga - Extreme Hills+ M - Day
    Giratina - Roofed Forest M - Night
    Manaphy - Deep Ocean - Day
    Phione - Ocean - Day
    Shaymin - Flower Forest - Day
    Cresselia - Birch Forest - Night
    Darkrai - Swampland M - Night
    Arceus - Mega Taiga Hills - Dawn/Dusk
    Victini - Savanna Plateau, Redwood Taiga Hills M - Day
    Reshiram - Birch Forest Hills, Extreme Hills M, Mesa - Night
    Zekrom - Roofed Forest M, Mesa - Day
    Kyurem - Ice Plains Spikes, Mesa - Day
    Tornadus - Savanna, JungleEdge M - Day
    Thundurus - Savanna M, Extreme Hills M - Night
    Landorus - Mesa Plateau, ForestHills - Day, Dawn and Dusk
    Cobalion - Extreme Hills+ M, ForestHills - Dawn/Dusk
    Terrakion - Mesa Plateau F, DesertHills - Night
    Virizion - Sunflower Plains - Day
    Keldeo - River, Cold Beach - Dawn/Dusk
    Genesect - Extreme Hills+, Birch Forest - Night
    Meloetta - River, Sunflower Plains - Night
    Xerneas - Flower Forest, Forest- Day
    Yveltal - Savanna Plateau, Roofed Forest - Day
    Hoopa - Desert, DesertHills, Desert M - Day
    Diancie - Extreme Hills+, Swampland - Day
    Volcanion - Mesa Plateau, Mesa, DesertHills - Day
    Magearna - Flower Forest - Night
    Tapu Koko - Jungle - Night
    Tapu Lele - Jungle - Night
    Tapu Bulu - Jungle - Night
    Tapu Fini - Jungle - Night
    Mew - JungleHills/Jungle M - Day
    Raikou - Savanna - Dawn/Dusk
    Entei - ExtremeHills M - Day
    Suicune - Beach - Night
    Lugia - Deep Ocean - Night
    Ho-Oh - Mesa Bryce - Day
    Celebi - Flower Forest - All Times
    Regirock - Mesa Plateau M - Day
    Regice - Ice Mountains - Night
    Registeel - Mesa Bryce - Dawn/Dusk
    Latias - Deep Ocean/Ocean - Day
    Latios - Deep Ocean/Ocean - Dawn/Dusk
    Kyogre - Deep Ocean - Night
    Groudon - Desert Hills - Day
    Rayquaza - Sunflower Plains - Dawn/Dusk
    Jirachi - Extreme Hills+ M - Dawn/Dusk
    Deoxys - Cold Taiga M - Night
    Uxie - River - Day
    Mesprit - River - Dawn/Dusk
    Azelf - River - Night
    Heatran - Mesa Plateau M - Dawn/Dusk
    Regigigas - Cold Taiga M - Dawn/Dusk

    - Frozen Shrine - Orb of Frozen Souls (Water Stone)
    Zapdos - Static Shrine - Orb of Static Souls (Thunderstone)
    Moltres - Fiery Shrine - Orb of Fiery Souls (Fire Stone)
    Follow these steps to obtain the three legendary birds.
    - Collect an orb and put it in a crafting table with the corresponding stone. Orbs can be obtained by defeating bosses, and being bought from other players.
    - Defeat 375 Pokemon with the orb in your inventory to charge it.
    - Collect the corresponding shrine, this can be bought at /warp market.
    - Place the shrine carefully, as it cannot be removed. (Remember that it will face backwards to where you place it.)
    - Make sure you have Pokemon ready to take it on, as the battle will commence as soon as you right click the shrine. Note that if you flee from this battle, or faint the legendary Pokemon, the Pokemon will disappear, and you will not be able to re-battle it.
    - Right click the shrine with the full orb to start the battle.
    Mewtwo - In order to produce a Mewtwo, a Mew must first be placed in the machine. To obtain a machine, you must put a orange tank, a green tank, and a cloning cord together in a crafting table. Afterwards, any combination of three blocks of diamond, gold, or iron must be inserted into the machine. The higher quality the block, the more value points are given. (diamond block = 5 value points, gold block = 3 value points, iron block = 1 value point.) If you use 3 diamond blocks, there is a 37.5% chance of getting a Mewtwo, using 3 iron blocks, there's only a 7,5% chance of getting a Mewtwo.

    As legendary Pokemon spawn extremely rarely in the wild, here are some alternative methods to getting them:
    - Vote Party - The Vote Party is a system to reward people voting. Starting at 250, the Vote Party counter will decrease by one, every time someone votes. Once it reaches 0, a random legendary Pokemon will spawn at /spawn. You can vote 8 times at Alternatively, you can use /vote in game to get this link.
    - GTS - GTS stands of Global Trade Station. This is where you and other players can put a Pokemon on a station, and others can purchase that pokemon. Using /gts, you can look at the Pokemon on the system, and using /gts add (slot) (price) you can put a Pokemon onto the system. Keep in mind, there is a 10% tax when putting a Pokemon up for sale. (except for legendary Pokemon.) (Note that the GTS has been temporarily disabled, for the upcoming update.)
    - The Trader - If you go to /warp trade, there are randomized traders which will trade you a pokemon, in exchange for another. These traders should randomize ever 1-3 days.

    Have a nice day :)
    - IAmR3liable
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    oh this is a useful guide, thank you! o:
    i would like to suggest that you add mewtwo's cloning machine to your summoned legends section (with the bird shrines), be clear that running from battle with a summoned legend will make it disappear, mention /vote to get to the vote link from in-game easily and lastly, note that gts is temporarily disabled due to the update being sometime soon. ^-^
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Broken, I'll edit that in now.
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    btw keldeo also spawns at cold beach
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    Hi Killer, I apologise that you feel as though I copied your previous post. Firstly, I'd like to let you know that I wasn't aware of you previous work. There'd only be one correct answer for where and when these Pokemon spawn, and so, we're going to end up with the same information, however, I will defend myself, as the format of my information generally looks different, and includes extra details that your one didn't include.
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    The information of where legendaries spawn is available to everyone via /locate. R3liable's thread is clearly not a copy paste of yours, the whole thing was written out. Also, R3liable's list is obviously strictly Generations, yours has some differing/missing information and I therefore find it unclear as to whether you meant it for Generations (counter-intuitive because you play Reforged...) or as a mixup of both, since it had generation 7 Pokémon in it.

    I would like to politely suggest that you stop trying to threaten people with "warnings" or "reports" for invalid reasons.
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  8. Tnx you fort apologise

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