Sinnoh KillerSlovakia BDay Tournament 2v2 Double Battle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KillerSlovakia, May 12, 2018.

  1. Killer.jpeg

    2v2 Double Battle

    Hello everyone! As all khow
    me birthday cone soon
    I have prepared for you this special
    More details will be posted below

    Tournament :

    May 20, 2018 at 9:00 PM CEST


    1st Place
    : Primal Key 1x
    2nd Place : Aura key 1X
    3rd Place : Legend key

    Rules appy to
    sinnon 2v2 Rules
    Where is warp


    Note register :
    Register go closed
    5 minutes before the start

    Staff Members can Signup
    All are Welcome

    Im invite me friend from Hoeen to cone spc or signup
    All are welcome

    organizer -

    Co-organizer -

    Riddik Sinnoh Manager

    Tournament Mod -

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  2. Im go have 20 year logs

    The term round (jubilee) is called birthday, when the number of years of a given person is called " round (eg 30, 50, etc., ie the number of years divisible by ten). The life anniversary is usually given more attention than the "classic" birthday
  3. christof14

    christof14 New Member

    2v2, you mean double battles, 2 pokemon only... or what? That part is unclear, also which levels?
  4. yes double battles, 2 pokemon only..
    double battle
    level 100

    Double Battle), also known as a two-on-two battle, is a Pokémon battle with each side featuring two Pokémon at once. Debuting in the games in Generation III, and featuring occasionally in the anime prior to this, they may feature up to four Pokémon Trainers. A Double Battle with two Trainers per side who each control one Pokémon is called a Multi Battle.
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  5. GalacticDamien

    GalacticDamien New Member

    Hello Killer, the mods are willing to help you with this event, sign ups will be done on the server itself. Message me tomorrow so we can discuss how we are gonna do this event.
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  6. ok

  7. 1st Place: christof14

    2nd Place : GalacticDamien
    3rd Place : Zach040803

    Tnx for Coming and tnx
    GalacticDamien to help me
    and Riddik Sinnoh Manager to allow Host me torney

    Cya in Next Year

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