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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Khurtax, Nov 11, 2018.

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  1. Khurtax

    Khurtax New Member

    In-Game Name: Khortex
    Server: Hoenn
    Date of Ban: Dont know exactly but near the end of October most likely
    Who you were banned by: Not sure, but i believe it was IAmDeanWinchester
    Reason of Ban: it says "the ban hammer has spoken". but i believe it to be due to my immature actions of mute evading and and inability to keep cool.
    Why you should be unbanned: What i did was rude, disgusting and immature, the punishment might have been more severe than expected but i am sorry to those i offended and to dean for saying innapropriate comments. Firstly i would like to say i would never do anything like that again or in a anormal situation, what i did wasnt thought out thoroughly due to recent events in my life which caused someone to dissapear from my life which i would not like to go to detail in, But after those events i wasnt in a good mood and thought pixelmon would be a good idea to relax and to be happier for a little bit, but i didnt realise how it would affect others when i wasnt stable. I happened to lash out against dean and when punished for proceeded to go on alts and harass him. This was a mistake on my part and was very unproffesional. After taking some time off and thinking to myself a bit, i would like to say i think im more stable now and dont think i would act immature towards anyone based on anger with my personal problems. Again i am very sorry for doing those actions, and hope that i can get a chance to play this server once more. Thank you for reading this dear staff members and I hope you understand why i did those things.
  2. silverdragon2

    silverdragon2 Dargoon Staff Member Manager Admin

    Since this is your first occurrence, we have decided to give you a second chance. In the future, please remember the rules of the server and follow the staff's directions and if there are any other problems with staff members, please contact myself or @Lavster

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