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  1. Rumba1313

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    As I sit on the Kanto server for one last time, I reflect on its history and my involvement in it all.

    I've been with Kanto since its creation, seen over two hundred thousand unique players join ( yes the server used to count them all!) and have had the privilege of watching over 200 players make the dedication and sacrifices as members of staff (For anyone who came to the Kanto server and saw our graveyard, you'll know all of their names). You all were amazing and I'll never forget how you guys made me feel, even if sometimes I wanted to ban you (and some of you [you know who you are] did actually get banned), I appreciated having the opportunity to get to know almost each and every one of you. You guys helped me grow and I got to see many of you all grow not only as awesome Pokemon trainers but also as young adults (even if you're older than me ;) ).

    Enough of words though, I wanted to share a small snapshot of my journey on Kanto as it grew and flourished, through thick and thin, since pictures are worth a thousand words. Some photos have to be links because they're too big for forum post limit.

    Share your own photos and experiences too!!

    Kanto was founded December 27th 2015. Shortly after Christmas (You can see my xmas tree ), the entire spawn was built in 4 days. It actually only came out with 4 of the gyms completed and not much else.
    Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.24.17.png Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.24.54.png

    And the events were always highlight of the day. The grass growing game was invented on Kanto, and it had more humble beginings.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.23.27.png Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.26.54.png Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.27.07.png Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.30.46.png Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 19.34.55.png

    Pokemon parties and everything in between, never ceased to surprise me.

    No category, but one of my favorite things when it first opened was that players would actually make single file lines to challenge the Rock gym!


    And of course Kanto wouldn't be Kanto without all of you quirky people.

    Like I said, this is just a snapshot and it hardly covers even a quarter of what Kanto was like or the experiences on it, but the people who shared them are what made Kanto strong, so keep that with you all and it will live on.

    One last goodbye to Kanto, you may be gone but not forgotten.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.55.33.png

    Rumba ~
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  2. sefkantanis

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    R.I.P Kanto 2015-2018 ;~; Kanto will be Missed for sure <3.

    All the Fun times and bad times ive had with kanto Will never be Forgotten.
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  3. aum0001

    aum0001 New Member

    Hi, I'm Aum, otherwise known as Aumie or Aumlett, and I wanna share my story of why Kanto is more then just a server to me. I joined Kanto a few years ago and at first I didn't really think much of the server, but over time I saw that the people of Kanto were more then just people online. It was a safe spot for anyone to come and be treated like family. I personally love Kanto and will never stop no matter how long after the merge it is. It's the one spot I truly found where I've belonged for once. And though it maybe gone, it'll never leave my heart. The moments I've shared on Kanto, both the happy and sad, are the most treasured moments I have and I know other people feel the same way! If someone asked me if I looked back on it and saw the merge would I join Kanto still, my answer would be "Heck yeah!" I will never forget Kanto and I just hope everyone who's enjoyed the server will find somewhere they belong and another spot that treats them like family like Kanto did! I am posting some photos of some of the things around Kanto, but i'm glad I was able to grow alongside with Kanto. Thank you to everyone, both players and staff who made Kanto great!

    Cameramen: Aum0001, PhoenixRising (Thanks a bunch Phoenix for all your help!)

    From left to right below in the photos are as follows:
    BladeRunner01, Navelli, __Jay1, ItsCute (Floofy), _AquaFinity, UltimaRex (Xander), Teapot360 (Ryan, a bit hard to see.), Reddvern, ReverentCats, AnimCrowe, XxEnder_MagicxX, Queen_Fire_Mew, Aum0001, SueCC (Laxii / Confettii), and then finally the one who's been with Kanto since the very beginning as Manager, the one in Arbok's mouth, Rumba1313! Unfortunately, the photo with the The_Chill in it got corrupted so I couldn't post it :( But he was definitely there lurking about.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    More Photos incoming...
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  4. aum0001

    aum0001 New Member

    2018-11-23_21.32.40.png 2018-11-23_21.31.40.png 2018-11-23_21.29.08.png 2018-11-23_21.32.40.png 2018-11-23_21.31.40.png 2018-11-23_21.34.55.png 2018-11-23_21.37.43.png 2018-11-23_21.41.27.png
    Please everyone! I implore you! Post all your stories on here from Kanto to help the light of Kanto to never die and help the memory to live on!
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  5. aum0001

    aum0001 New Member

    Unfortunately it seems my screenshots of the Arbok Statue and inside the main Spawn building will not post... :(
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  6. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    It's sad to see Kanto go... I'm really gonna miss the server. I came to JourneyGaming two weeks before Kanto opened on December 27, 2015. When Kanto opened, I switched to playing there from Hoenn. I met my first set of friends there. We made a small town back when we didn't know what claiming was. It ended up getting griefed and my newfound friends left. Sadly we didn't remain in contact after that. But I stayed on Kanto. I downloaded TeamSpeak and got involved in the community. I applied for staff more than a few times. I finally was accepted and started my helper journey on Kanto on June 6, 2016. Back then, I had a really bad laptop. It took 45mins-1 hr or more to load Pixelmon. And that's IF it didn't crash halfway through loading. I eventually got a tower computer. But that eventually went out. And then this last February I got a gaming tower. It's weird saying that I went through 3 computers to play on this server. Anyways...

    I remember joining and Toki was still a helper. That's how long I've been around. It was interesting seeing him go through the ranks. I don't remember exactly when I got promoted to Mod. But I know I was helper for 6 months before it happened. I also don't remember when I was promoted to Senior-mod. But a lot happened during my time on Kanto. Some of it I'm not proud of. I've made a lost of mistakes on Kanto. Some really bad ones. But Rumba managed to somehow put up with me through it all. But even though Kanto is closing, I will always be the vicious pika lily that arose from the depths of Kanto Hell.

    Also! I finally made the Kanto Video! Here it is:
  7. Damien Ortiz

    Damien Ortiz New Member

    Kanto will be missed i first joined only a few months ago because i figyred out my pc could actually run pixelmon and me and my brother Justin were just trying pixelmon for the first time hopping from server to server trying out each one and seeing which one we liked. Than we came to Journey and we both liked it for some odd reason it stood out so we played for a bit longer and liked it even more i didn't really know much about pixelmon but i knew everything about pokemon and me and Justin put our heads together and figured it out. And slowly we liked the server more and more i used to wake up in the middle of the night to play. "3 am i wake up bored what to do OH YEAH theirs that AWESOME pixelmon server me and Justin played yesterday so let's hop on for a bit." I really enjoyed kanto not as a region of a random pixelmon server but as a place to have fun meet new people battle gyms and have fun doing it all over again i never got to beat the t2 gyms but everytime i lost to a t1 gym i just wanted to play more and more it always pushed me to play even more but as school started i couldn't play as much but to this day i still always wanted to challenge the elite 4 on kanto and become the champion of the region. I even purchased a rank which i like never do because i just really liked the server so screw it i bought ace and enojoyed the privileges that came with it but even without the rank i still like the server. Point being kanto you will be missed i only played you for a couple of months but you still will be missed and i hope every kanto play can play the new merged server the same way i played kanto.
  8. Chilling101

    Chilling101 New Member

    RIP Kanto :(
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  9. Kip1120

    Kip1120 New Member

    I was but just a wee, curious memer finishing high school upon the start of my journey on Kanto's predecessor. It's been about 3 and a half years since then and there have been many good and bad times but it was overall an excellent experience. Back then I was a silly boy looking forward to college while enjoying my pixelmon, now I'm engaged and a confused man-child wondering what on earth adulthood is, but still planning on enjoying pixelmon on Johto. I cri one tear for Kanto.
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  10. Tnx for you long work in kanto
    Im enjoy there good times
    Good luck in Jotho
  11. xGodOfSheep

    xGodOfSheep Kanto's MLG Staff "Dictator"

    3 years of memories that wont be forgotten.

    From the beginning watching our lord SoilTooth train his Infernape


    To finding builds getting messed with from our man Sky


    The making of the following of me

    Getting Champ sub because i was too good


    From not knowing what you may come across while traveling


    Or from winning you're first journey mix at the casino


    And cant forget when the whole squad got the Ban Hammer.



    To the Time Spicy got my Admin Statue taken


    Finding Maggie and Mosa "Hugging"


    Finding The Man Skelly doing some flying around


    to the time I was an Owner


    or that time i was given Smod for 2 seconds on TS and did a yoink


    All in all, it was a good run and a good time

    Bye Bye Kanto
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  12. Hippydew (Cyrus)

    Hippydew (Cyrus) New Member

    Damn so I joined Kanto like around 3 weeks after it opened and that’s the day that I knew I was gonna piss off a lot of people. Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots due to getting a new pc, but just know I’ve had lit times with the bois like sheep, ducky, Austin, Sneaks, Kinder, back when the gym leaders were capable of winning all jokes aside fun times on Kanto. (Hope Kat reads that last part, Love u dad ;) )
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  13. My100lbFatCat

    My100lbFatCat New Member Senior Mod

    I started playing on Kanto back in the summer of 2016. The first person I ever talked to was Erin back when she was a mod. Over time i gained a lot of friends while playing on Kanto from Erin, Garion, Duck, Fluffy, SkyFallen, Hato, Toki, Dagger, Kip, Sheep, Reddvern (Stay Bronze<3), Rev, Ditto-Master Lucas. Also all my children in Kai, Aum, Hippy(<3 you too my son), Sefkan and Ryan. I had a great time every time i joined. I will always be grateful to those that saw i could be a great addition to the staff team. Whether it was Toki, Rumba, Kitty, or even Sky i always knew i could go to one of them if I had a problem and will always appreciate all they have done and continue to do for us. Kanto isn't dying as much as it evolving.
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    Aww so touching thanks father my dude
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