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    June News


    It's Summer time!!!! So many exciting things coming up to the network over the summer! We are super excited for you all to see them! Also this Saturday is Sinnoh's 1 year Anniversary! We have already released the first few upgrades already this past month. We got a new website and a new hub! If you have any suggestions for the website make sure to comment below. Also make sure to explore the hub and try completing the three parkours! Last month, Unova also upgraded from Pixelmon 1.7.10 and joined the other pixelmon servers to Minecraft 1.10.2! Achievement perks were also released in the past few week. Make sure to earn points to use in the achievement store to unlock some cool rewards such as pixelmon disguises!

    We have a few new things coming up this month so stay tuned! There are also a few events in progress. We have a network wide Build Competition going on with some really great prizes! Make sure to read the rules in the events section on the forums, a link will also be posted below! Another forum event will be starting in the middle of the month and an event key will be re-released, so keep an eye out:)!

    This Saturday is Sinnoh's 1 Year Anniversary! In honor of the first year anniversary, staff members have created many events for all of you! Some events include a parkour, wipeout course, obstacle course, and much more! Events will be held every hour starting at 8AM Saturday Eastern Standard Time! Make sure to be here and join in on all the fun!

    Unova updated recently to the latest Pixelmon Version 5.1.0! The other Pixelmon servers will be upgrading soon enough, just keep an eye on the forums or on the server for when your server updates too!

    Our seasonal Talent Show will also be held on Saturday June 24th at 3PM EST! The entire network is invited to come perform your special talent on our TeamSpeak Server! There will be judges to decide who the best act is and the winner will receive a grand prize! There are also rewards for anyone who participates!

    Here are some talent show ideas:

    • Singing
    • Rapping
    • Comedy
    • Poetry
    • BeatBoxing
    • Impersonations
    • Story Telling
    • Playing an Instrument
    • And More!
    Start thinking about what you would like to perform! The talent show will be streamed on Twitch for anyone who wants to see! On your servers there will be sign-ups opening up very soon!

    That is some of the things coming up this month along with many more that haven't been announced yet! Like always, thanks for being such a great community!

    Handy Links
    Install Guide:https://goo.gl/pLVa2s
    Install Video:https://goo.gl/2tzM3O
    Build Comp Event:https://goo.gl/VHHO5g

    Art Credit:
    Checkout more of our Artist's work & follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/pigeonbirb/

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