June News 2018

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    June News 2018

    Its June! Summer is coming up for most of us and that means school is finally starting to end! Nothing huge has happened in the past month, besides pixelmon updates, and a few smaller features being added. We also had our first ever flash sale in the shop at the end of May. For June we have a few events planned!

    We will have a forum event that will start next Saturday and will run for a month! So keep an eye out for that event, as it will include some pretty good prizes! Also coming back will be our Talent Show! Our talent Show is tentatively scheduled for June 29th or 30th at 3PM. Sign-ups will open here on the forums as soon as the date is confirmed. Start preparing your performance as we are all super excited to see all your talents! Below are our past talent shows for you to watch! We will be starting a Summer Sale and will be bringing back our Summer Keys! There will be a later post with more details on Sale and Keys when they are released later this month!

    Make sure to keep supporting our network! Vote everyday on the website or by doing /vote in game! If you need help installing or just need some links, make sure to look at the "Handy Links" below!

    Handy Links:
    Install Guide Pixelmon Generations:
    Install Guide Pixelmon Reforged: https://goo.gl/neyGtf
    Twitter for news and updates:
    Teamspeak Ip: ts3.journeygaming.com
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/EgcrHFb

    Check out our previous Talent Shows!
    Talent Show #4 (June 24th, 2017):
    Talent Show #3 (December 16th 2016): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/107913969
    Talent Show #2 (June 18th, 2016): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/73226440
    Talent Show #1 (March 26th, 2016): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/56868681

    Art Credit:
    Checkout more of our Artist's work & follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/pigeoncindy_
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    Sounds good!
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