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    July News


    Happy Summer friends! We have two important newsposts going up today. This one is a recap of the past month and what is to come! Fourth of July Sale information will be posted next! This month we have had quite a bit of progression on some of the features we have on our server. We held some major events such as the talent show and build competition. Within the next few days, our Pixelmon Servers will be upgrading to the latest Pixelmon 5.1.2. July 4th is also Johto's 3 Year Anniversary! Make sure to vote as a new month has started and there is a Primal Key reward for the top voter! Continue reading to see further details!

    Daily rewards were released on our Pixelmon servers for players who want to earn rewards for coming online on our servers everyday! Each day that you are on, you can claim a reward, with the reward getting better as your consecutive number of days online increases! You must stay on your region for atleast an hour everyday, before you can claim your daily reward with the command /daily. Afterwards, you need to wait 16 hours before you can claim your next daily reward. There is also a 16 hour time frame set up for you to claim your daily (after your 16 hour wait is over), so you don't need to worry too much about losing your streak. Hopefully you are able to make it to the end and receive all your daily rewards! Just pay attention to the times you claim them at!

    This last month we had a very successful talent show! Congratulations to @Tweenlicious for winning first place! Again, thank you to everyone that participated and showed off their amazing talents! Our next talent show will be in December! A link to the Talent Show video will be posted at the end of this post! We also had a great turnout for the Build Competition Submissions! Congrats to @DerrpyParrot for winning first place! New forum events will posted in a few days so keep an eye out!

    July 4th is Johto's 3 Year Anniversary! In honor of Johto's anniversary, staff will be hosting many events throughout the day! You can check the schedule of Events for the 4th of July at /warp july4th ! Make sure to join in on all the fun! Its been an amazing 3 years!

    There will be a 35% off 4th of July Sale available really soon in our shop! Pixelmon Regions also have a new crate named "Independence Crate". These are limited time auras that you can obtain from winning a key from the Summer Crate to use at the Independence Crate. More details will be available in our Sale post.

    Servers will be updating pixelmon versions to Pixelmon 5.1.2! Hoenn upgraded last night and have found many of the battle bugs, crashes, and megas that were annoying in this current version to be fixed in the update! Here are the planned times of update:

    Kanto: July 3rd Time: To be announced
    Johto: July 5th (as tomorrow the 4th is the anniversary)
    Hoenn: Already Updated!
    Sinnoh: July 3rd at 10PM EST
    Unova: July 3rd between 8-9PM EST

    Please have your pixelmon versions downloaded and ready to go and keep an eye out on your region for more information on update times! Install Guides are updated as well! Direct links are going to be posted at the end of this post.

    There is a new party system that goes along with our friends system! Do /party and then invite your friends where you all can communicate cross server or inter-server!

    We hope you have been having a fantastic summer so far! Many new projects and features are in the works and we are excited to finish and show them off to you all! See you all on the servers!

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