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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maggie, May 19, 2016.

  1. BuckeyeFTW

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    Shiny showoff at 2 am!

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  2. AbsolGasai

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    How the hell did you do that though furlet? o_O
  3. 2017-07-02_16.53.24.png

    The short story behind this: At the talent show Zane did a story and it had Eevee in it so I shipped #Zavee and Eevee hates #Zavee and I started a shipping craze on Johto by #Zavee ,and also Eevee wants to kill me for making this sign.
  4. Reddvern

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    Whew /daily done

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  5. Rustyshell

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    100 delibirds.. beautiful...
  6. DASandwichGuy

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    2017-05-21_19.42.36.png The Steve-Pocalypse of 2017 2017-07-04_22.33.30.png I broke particle effects on Unova 2017-05-28_16.37.39.png Self-explanatory

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  7. DASandwichGuy

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    Survival Day 1: I think everything's going pretty well if I do say so myself :D
  8. BrownBoyyy

    BrownBoyyy New Member

    Ah Feels Good Being The CHAMPION!!

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  9. Porytune

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    2017-07-03_00.44.09.png The time when I lured Maggie with cookies and caught her in my Maggie Trap. It works, just try it guys!
    And this is the time when Mosa was making the Independence Crate at the rewards warp.
  10. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

    was playing on survival and found this lovely cow couple playing the game :p

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  11. Sman1985

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    Bunch of crazy cool pics
  12. EnderPika2497

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    Come one, come all! Join us for the battle of the Reforged servers! A clash between Hoenn and Sinnoh! Despite the bugs with spectating, we pulled through and the tournament was a blast! Here are the photographs that were taken from the event!

    There's close to over 100 pictures so it's in an imgur link!

    Thank you to all the participants! And good luck to all trainers! See you next tournament~~
  13. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    This is a bit late. That's my bad. I completely forgot! Anyways without further skiddo! Here are the screenshots from the HUB party from the Kanto and Johto Pixelmon Generations Update hype party!!

    It was a long wait but it was well worth it! Maggie even built a roller coaster and slime-oline area for the trainers who awaited the new adventures on the servers.

    Again the photos are in an imgur link b/c of the amount of images. But don't worry, this one doesn't have 100+, only like 84 or so. x3

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