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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maggie, May 19, 2016.

  1. xGodOfSheep

    xGodOfSheep Kanto's MLG Staff "Dictator"

    The clowns have gotten to Kanto now too!!:eek:

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  2. CatkittyCassie

    CatkittyCassie New Member

    So I hear Rusty may want this :p
  3. DFMiner2002

    DFMiner2002 nothing

    Mod peps only Streiks head matchs and sandwich likes the ground!
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  4. Kilikina

    Kilikina Kili ~ Survival Manager and Builder Staff Member Manager Builder

    Skyblock had its first Gambler's Anonymous meeting (we have slots and ppl were fighting over it) 2016-10-19_13.33.43.png

    The meeting turned into a poker game..... 2016-10-19_13.43.44.png

    WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?!?! 2016-10-19_13.50.23.png
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  5. Rumba1313

    Rumba1313 Kanto Manager Staff Member Manager

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  6. LegendaryGlaceon

    LegendaryGlaceon Rock Leader / Mod / LegendaryRusteon Staff Member Moderator

    Light_Void scores a three pointer
    A spooky pokemon appears at Hoenn's docks
    Volcarona drawn at Pictionary!
    There's a secret tree cow in this tree, I swear I'm not crazy
    A Ledian spawns at the top of the sky piercing tower, and falls down to earth
    The time that we managed to get all of the gym leaders online and at /warp staff :D
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  7. Kilikina

    Kilikina Kili ~ Survival Manager and Builder Staff Member Manager Builder

    Shhh, don't tell the members lol ;)
  8. DASandwichGuy

    DASandwichGuy Manager / Cool Dude


    When Rusty's Delibird obsession goes unchecked...
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  9. Rustyshell

    Rustyshell Member

    it was 20 shiny delibirds btw :3
  10. Lavster

    Lavster The Wild Snorlax / Hoenn's Manager Staff Member Manager

    Very late I admit, but still thought this was pretty insane, I managed to get myself stuck in a pumpkin ;_; On the day before Halloween too, like, I couldn't even do that if I tried XD

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  11. Loomineon

    Loomineon Johto Mod

    Screenshot with the Teletubby Gang.
    Teletubbies will take over Journey.


    Laa-Laa -TheColdoor (Mean Clefable)
    Dipsy - HatukaStyle (Nerd)
    Tinky Winky - Loomineon (Muk)
    Po - Riddik (Smelly Old Man)

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  12. Veltoc

    Veltoc New Member

    Soo I felt like taking some pictures of some nice places around Hoenn. Heres what I got so far:
    Warp town is ran by me and Nachoman, the public town of the server. Staff Monument
    [​IMG][​IMG] The Town Spawn and center [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]Town Hall [​IMG] [​IMG] Town Arena [​IMG]
    And I was requested to get spawn aswell
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    let me know if you want me to take pictures of other stuff around Hoenn or on other servers
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  13. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto Staff Member Senior Mod

    Recently Kanto had a Digimon Skin Comp and I was very estatic about the different digimons that came. We even had some tamers too. I tried to get all the pics of them that I could (I think some had to go back to the digital world).

    This is KatieGoober, XD_Kinder_XD, and ThrillerFox as LillyMon, Topem

    This is Dippinq and Cheese 7456 as Guilmon and Takodo.

    This is TokyoThunder and EnderPika2497 as Gonamon and Calumon.

    This is KatieGoober, TokyoThunder, and EnderPika2497 as Lillymon, Gonamon, and Calumon.

    This is the winners of the Skin Comp. 1st: EnderPika2497: Calumon 2nd: Broadcast__:Agumon 3rd: Katiegoober: Lillymon

    Probably the most fun about this skin comp is that with my name being Lily, I was originally going to be Lillymon. But when I realized that there was no Lillymon skins that resembled Lillymon, I made one. I later changed my decision to Calumon. When Katie came online and changed her name to Lillymon, I was like "Toki, is she lillymon?" He then started to bust out laughing. When I tp'd to Katie, I nearly died myself. Katie was so taken away by my awesome personality (x3) that she became a lily herself. Well a Lillymon.
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  14. Kilikina

    Kilikina Kili ~ Survival Manager and Builder Staff Member Manager Builder

  15. DFMiner2002

    DFMiner2002 nothing

    BROOM BROOM. I cant drive i am underage so god is driving xD
  16. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    that has happened to me's the fun part ~ Not once but TWICE!!! ;~;
  17. Jadeite

    Jadeite Unova Manager



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. qyamas

    qyamas New Member

    When Johto throws a pokemon party at spawn.
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  19. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    what are the white and blue rayquazas?
  20. Jadeite

    Jadeite Unova Manager

    I'm assuming it's a texture edit, but my guess is, *coughs*

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