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    Journey Network Update


    Hello everyone! This is a really important News Post, and while it could be kind of long, try to read it all as it involves the future of the network and impacts you as a player! Don't worry, its all good news :)

    A few nights ago, Pixelmon released a statement that they will no longer continue development on the Pixelmon Mod, as The Pokemon Company sent them a Cease and Desist. This means that there will be no more updates and the latest version Pixelmon version 5.1.2 is the last one. This is honestly an announcement that came as a big surprise and shock to everyone in the Pixelmon Community. We understand that a lot of you are upset, worried, or have questions on what will happen to the Network and to your servers. Right now we have decided that we will continue running our Pixelmon Servers for as long as we can! At the same time we will be pushing into Vanilla Minecraft by adding many new servers in the upcoming month or so.

    You guys, as our community are SUPER important to us. Over the few years that we have been here, we have seen so many of you make incredible friendships and relationships. In essence we have all become one giant extended family. This is something we want to preserve for as long as possible. Which is why our Pixelmon Servers will continue to run until there is notice that we can no longer run them. Pixelmon version 5.1.2 is thankfully a good version to be on, as there are not as many bugs as there were in previous versions. For now don't panic or worry, Pixelmon will continue to run here on the network!

    The latest Pixelmon version is no longer downloadable from their website, however we have decided to create a Technic Pack where you guys will be able to download and install the pixelmon version and connect to our servers. At the bottom of this post there will be links to download the Technic Launcher as well as our ModPack. Make sure to click like on the modpack too! More players will see it and download the pack! An install guide will be created too for those of you who might need help installing!

    We will be adding new Vanilla minecraft servers, starting with Survival opening this week! We would love for all of you to stay and want to accommodate all of you who want to stay, into Vanilla servers if you please. Our unique Survival server has been in the creation process for a while now and fortunately, it'll be ready for release this coming week! You'll be seeing a lot of our current admins and managers working around the vanilla servers to help you all out! We have plans of adding Creative, Prisons, and MiniGames to our network! So make sure to stick around to see our new additions! With the additions of the Vanilla servers, we hope that you might find a new server to be on with all your friends in case our Pixelmon servers need to close. With our push into Vanilla, we will hopefully also see our player-counts rise!

    Let us know in the comment section or through a private message for any servers you might be interested in seeing on the network! We want to thank all of you who have been here for as long as you have. Remember that this isn't the end! Now is the time to come closer as a community! <3

    Technic Download:
    Modpack Download:
  2. BionicPig_

    BionicPig_ New Member

    I think factions or another pvp based game would be cool to add in.

    I'll stick around for as long as i can too. :)
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  3. Tyler DeCilio

    Tyler DeCilio New Member

    I'm here to stay
  4. Blazed(Elak)

    Blazed(Elak) New Member

    Awh I really wanted that mega pinsor :<
    PS: Lots of love Maggie
  5. Rumba1313

    Rumba1313 Kanto Manager Staff Member Manager

    Keep calm and Journey on ~
  6. I'll definitely stick around! Especially with the new upcoming servers!
  7. Vidz

    Vidz New Member

    Yeah I would definitely like to see a factions server :eek: and I think MiniGames would be really cool :)
  8. Oreo

    Oreo former hoenn mod

    Lets see the Journey hype when the new servers come :>
  9. EricBrazzerz

    EricBrazzerz Member

    Factions please :D
  10. plushpuff

    plushpuff New Member

    what version will the vanilla survival server be running on?
  11. Dimmsy

    Dimmsy Professional Part Time Wrestler

    ill be so down for some factions
  12. SquirtleGuyPlayz

    SquirtleGuyPlayz New Member

    Heyo, pixelmon factions?
  13. Dragontrainer191

    Dragontrainer191 New Member

    The Johto community is kind of making me sad... they only seem to hear to one another and outsiders seem to get completly ignored or folks they dont like.. its almost like you'd have to EARN yourself first a name here by beating all the gyms before people start to notice you actually exist.
  14. xGoldenFlowersx

    xGoldenFlowersx New Member

    Please can there be a UHC minigame server? It's a really fun game that can be played solo or in teams
  15. Hyperweevil

    Hyperweevil New Member

    Stoked for that Vanilla Survival Server! Pixelmon may be gone in the future, but that just leads to different opportunities. Excited to see what comes.
  16. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    What about a murder mystery mini game thingy? x3
  17. Mistleteinn

    Mistleteinn New Member

    Thank you for the reassuring news, Maggie ♥
  18. Porytune

    Porytune New Member

    how aboot skywars .-.
  19. Atlas__

    Atlas__ New Member

    add paintball or riot
  20. Gdogg4

    Gdogg4 Member Senior Mod

    Sorry to hear about this. I'm sure pixelmon is what made this server Successful

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