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    Journey Gaming Talent Show

    It's that time for the biggest event of the year! Its time for our Talent Show! On July 14th at 3pm EST, everyone on the network is invited to perform their special talent on our TeamSpeak Server! Everyone takes turns performing their act, and at the very end, judges will decide who the best acts are and give out HUGE Prizes! Even all participants get rewards!
    If you have never seen, participated, or heard of our Talent show, it is the BIGGEST event we have on the network! The entire community comes together to share their talent! We have done 4 talent shows in the past with almost 100 plus people listening to it on teamspeak or watching it on Twitch where we live stream the event!

    1st: $30 Store Coupon + Primal Key + Event Keys
    2nd: $25 Store Coupon + Event Keys
    3rd: $20 Store Coupon + Event Keys
    ALL participants win a reward too!

    Talent Ideas
    Story Telling
    Playing an Instrument

    Talent Show Requirements and Rules
    Talent Show: July 14th @ 3PM EST
    Performance: Please be ready to perform your talent on our Teamspeak! You must be able to do it live! We cannot show videos, use skype/discord, or go to a specific server.
    Participants: You may perform alone or with a friend, just make sure to write in your submission that you will be performing with a friend!
    Karaoke: If you are going to be singing and want to have a background track, please make sure to have a playable INSTRUMENTAL VERSION song link ready for the day of the talent show. We will have a Music Bot available to play the song, just take note that there WILL be a delay between your singing and the bot.
    Timing: Please keep all performances UNDER 5 MINUTES! We usually have a lot of participants, so we need to make sure we keep the program short to get to everyone who signs-up!
    Microphone: Please make sure that you have your microphone and to sort out any technical issues before the talent show starts. Feel free to log into our teamspeak and test your microphone out. If you need any help, I'm (Maggie) always on teamspeak, so feel free to message me so we can fix any microphone issues.
    Practicing: We recommending to practice your performance on teamspeak atleast once before the competition to make sure you are able to perform on teamspeak! In this practice, make sure your microphone doesn't cut out or pick up any background noise.
    Rating: Please remember that we are a family-friendly server, so try to keep any jokes, songs, etc to that level! Make sure your choice of music respects all cultures and races. You are welcome to use songs or raps with offensive language AS LONG as when you perform the offensive words are censored or replaced with other words.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on the forums, teamspeak, or discord!

    Check out our previous Talent Shows!
    Talent Show #4 (June 24th, 2017):
    Talent Show #3 (December 16th 2016):
    Talent Show #2 (June 18th, 2016):
    Talent Show #1 (March 26th, 2016):

    Download Teamspeak here:
    Teamspeak IP:

    Talent Show Reply Layout
    In-Game Name:
    Teamspeak Name:
  2. Israphel_XVIII

    Israphel_XVIII New Member

    In-Game Name:Israphel_XVIII
    Teamspeak Name:The_99
  3. mc_phantom

    mc_phantom New Member

    In-Game Name: mc_phantom4
    Server: Hoenn
    Teamspeak Name: mc_phantom
  4. Venomous321

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    Would love to join but my mic is absolutely terrible xD :(
  5. Maggie

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    Talent Show time will now be 2 hours earlier at 3PM EST!
  6. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    In-Game Name: EnderPika2497
    Server: Kanto
    Teamspeak Name: EnderPika2497
  7. Itz__Jay

    Itz__Jay New Member

    In-Game Name: Aaron27_
    Server: Johto
    Teamspeak Name: Aaron (A-A-Ron)
  8. DreamScaper

    DreamScaper New Member

    In-Game Name: DesolateDream_
    Server: Johto
    Team Speak Name: DreamScaper (Kyle)
  9. parkit619

    parkit619 New Member

    In-Game Name: parkit619
    Server: Hoenn
    Teamspeak Name: Porkit
  10. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    In-Game Name: Prolorix
    Server: Johto
    Teamspeak Name: Prolorix
  11. Tyfi

    Tyfi New Member

    In-Game Name: Tyfi5
    Server: Johto
    Teamspeak Name: I think its tyfi
  12. SaltyPenguinn

    SaltyPenguinn New Member

    In-Game Name: ShadowPopplio
    Server: Johto
    Teamspeak Name: ShadowPopplio
  13. WisdomAssassin

    WisdomAssassin Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    In-Game Name: WisdomAssassin
    Server: Johto
    Teamspeak Name: toasterwolfx, WisdomAssassin

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