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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Frosty, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    Hello people I'm Prolorix, I play mostly on johto but I just wanted to announce a couple trailers/cinematic or promotional content for the network, I have made these under my own free will, all thanks to Maggie as she enabled me to be able to obtain the clips, the first cinematic includes all servers, survival, skyblock and pixelmon, and the second one is a dedicated pixelmon cinematic, they relatively took a long time to make, (6 weeks) but a very entertaining project to work on, so I'm just asking if people could check them out for me, I'm open to feedback, they are the first minecraft cinematic trailers I have made, overall it's been a very exciting project and plan to make more, so I just wanted to share my work :)
    May I also get some ideas on what to do next, Im working on learning how to animate in blender, so thats a thing.

    Pixelmon Dedicated: (I prefer this one)

    All Servers: (First one)

    If you do watch them and Like it, thank you, I appreciate it :D
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  2. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    Wow! This looks sick man!
    You did an amazing job on this, keep up the good work, buddy.
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  3. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Woah, those are amazing :0
    Some of the text could do with improvement, though, I'll go over them.
    #1 "Daily staff run events" should be "Daily staff-run events", because otherwise it implies something called a "daily staff" runs an event. Consider having bullet points between "tourneys minigames more", same for "collector shrines hmtms", also changing "hmtms" to hms/tms. "Competitive staff gyms" possibly makes it sound like staff-only gyms, perhaps should be "competitive staff-run gyms". Also, gyms ought to come before E4; Champ should be written as Champion; Aura and Primal crates are not the only ones that exist - there are also Vote, Champion, Legend and Event crates. The IP for the server is actually

    #2 Text is really hard to read at many points in the video, a lot of the time it's scrolled past too quickly as well such as 0:24, have to pause the video or rewatch multiple times and concentrate to read it. I also think I saw some thinner black text moving past, but seriously gone too fast to have any idea as to what it said. Guessed was misspelt as "geussed". Why were multiple non-Kanto staff giving welcome-to-Kanto messages? There are 17 gyms, not 8 - eight tier one, master gym and eight tier two. The things that show how many gyms you've beaten are called gym badges, not gym records. Leader should possibly be changed to "gym staff", since you can't just apply for leader. Every day is misspelt as "everday". The plural forms of shiny and legendary are shinies and legendaries, not shinys and legendarys. Not 100% sure, but I doubt all the servers share the exact same plugins; last I checked, some of them had Pokémon auction, where Johto doesn't. Helpful is misspelt as "helpfull". Once again, IP is

    Competitive is misspelt as "competetive" in both.

    Other than me being nitpicky about spelling, they're amazing :] And I laughed at the /marry bit, 10/10. Hope Mosa doesn't see it, yeah? :D
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  4. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    Damn you went in.. :( haha I knew someone would find a spelling mistake somewhere, I even double checked and could not find any spelling mistake, the thing is with adding "/" and "," is because the font does not have them, and its hard to find a font that does that "/" "," and wont look weird with the current font, otherwise I would of used them, and for the crates, I only included the big ones, since I could not include them all. I had to make it short, so it was readable, thats true, gyms should of come before, and at the end, I put the website link, maybe I should of put the Ip since thats what everyone thinks it is?

    text is hard to read in the 1st one, I agree, hence I made improvements in the second one, the real thing about it is it take 6+ hours to render out again, and ram previewing it in after affects is a pain, it takes 10+ minutes to render 10 seconds of the clip just so I can check for any mistakes, I saw most mistakes after it was rendered, but they were so small that I didnt think it would be worth rendering the whole thing for another 8 hours lol

    I could not include all the staff, I would if I could, I intended on including the managers and owners only, and even then I struggled including them too, the animation would of been too long in the welcome part that the main "claim" text would be missed, I purposefully made it so It included ALOT of information about the servers that you had to pause it to read, since having information up for too long, would destroy the flow, the second one I made so you didnt have to pause, but it didnt include as much information as the first one, only note form, and yes, gym records should be changed to badges, thats another mistake.

    The scene where it said "All plugins are shared across the server" were meant so for example when johto came up, it had a shop system, this would make people think the shop system is only on johto and not the other servers. I dont see how I could of been more specific without the scene being too long and overflowed with text, also thinner black text? where is this, since I cannot see it, if it was black, then it wasnt relavent since none of the text was black, weird, im only human and being my grammer is not the best, theres bound to be mistakes.

    Its a shame It wasn't easier to correct mistakes, I showed multiple people and they didn't recognise the mistakes you found, they found mistakes, but I corrected them, therefore I had to render 3 times, that's 24 hours of rendering lmao, my CPU is still one of the top on the market, i5 6600k paired with a 1080ti.

    The thing about the marry bit.. since you said "hope mosa dont see it", was that sarcasm or do you actually think mosa wont really like that?

    I appreciate the feedback :) thank you
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  5. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    Thanks alot roy :)
  6. Skelly

    Skelly New Member Staff Member Head Builder Admin

    Good Job! :) nice to see the builds in such a way lol
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  7. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    I was not meaning all the staff should be there, I just found it out of place that Hoenn, Sinnoh etc. managers were giving welcomes to Kanto :p
    I think somewhere around 0:34, says something like Journey in the top right? Haven't been able to pause it at the right moment to get a screenshot of it.
    Oof, yeah, I can see that would really be a pain to fix stuff.
    Yep, I understand that keeping the same text on screen for a long time wouldn't look good, it's just that I feel the same is caused by having to pause and/or rewind, since it's cutting off the audio and movement in the video.
    Oh, uhh, I thought you knew about this already, it's kind of a meme on Johto I guess? Since in the Discord a lot of people (*cough* TakoChef) use the Discord Bots to try to marry Mosa, he's never exactly pleased with it.
    Hmm, alright, then maybe have just "plugins shared across servers" rather than stating all?
    I do have a hard time not being overly critical sometimes, sorry about that xP
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  8. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    Wow what a coincidence then, did not know about that at all lol since I don't really use discord that often haha, but if it does displease him then Ill happily make changes.

    nah its cool, Its not always a bad thing being critical, it helps more :D

    thats true, but Its very hard to find an instance to include the managers in, hence why I had to do it in a welcome message, since I cant include mosa and maggie, and not include the other managers =/ I wish I could include all of you, however Im working on something that does :)

    thats also true, another mistake I am annoyed at making lol

    Ah, thats the holographic text at the spawn point that greets you at the survival spawn point, couldnt do too much about it since it was always on the screen at any point I excited the cave area lol

    Just next time ill ensure I come to you when I need text checked lmao Thanks again <3
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  9. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    Cheers, the builds are amazing, had to show them off someway :D

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