Journey Journey Fly Suit Draw!!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Bagel, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Bagel

    Bagel Member

    Hello everyone! Bagel here an old player going to give out a flysuit!

    I have a flight suit on Johto, Sinnoh, Kanto, Unova or Hoenn so a player from either server can win!

    There's one catch, to be entered into the draw you need to vote for me in a contest. Pretty much I competitively play a game called Rivals of Aether and the person with the most votes gets his way paid to a big tournament!

    So to get entered in the draw all you have to do is post a screenshot proving that you've given me ten votes. To get the full 10 votes you need to make an account on the website and link a twitter account. Here's what it looks like when someone was successful
    Optional: Following the main account gets me another 5 votes and I would appreciate it.

    EDIT: All Pixelmon Servers are in. There will be two winners in the flysuit contest and you can enter from any server. And enter what ever server you want it in( All servers apply)
    After the voting is closed I will draw the winner of the fly suit!
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  2. Jadeite

    Jadeite Unova Manager

    If someone from Unova wins, and doesn't want the flysuit on one of those servers, I'll take the flysuit they got on that server and give them one on Unova instead. ;P

    Future will also do the same for hoenn!
  3. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto Staff Member Senior Mod

  4. Emma_Kat

    Emma_Kat New Member

    thingyy.JPG thingyyy.JPG I voted!!:p
  5. Rumba1313

    Rumba1313 Kanto Manager Staff Member Manager


    I'll give someone a flysuit for Kanto as well, to sweeten the deal.

    Good luck! (Ps. I don't have a twitter account so only 1 vote from me, but everything helps)

    Rumba ~
  6. Bagel

    Bagel Member

    I can't believe all the support i'm getting, Thank you so much friends :] To explain further, we will do two Flysuits thru all the entries!
  7. BuckeyeFTW

    BuckeyeFTW Survival Meme Enthusiast. Staff Member Manager

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  8. Wolfboy

    Wolfboy New Member

  9. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Have voted, good luck Bagel :)
  10. StarEnglish

    StarEnglish New Member

  11. Skittles

    Skittles New Member

    I am voting for Hoenn. Best of luck to you!
    cool.PNG more cool.PNG
  12. Berned

    Berned New Member

  13. TJPlaysNow[HELP ME]

    TJPlaysNow[HELP ME] Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I voted but don't wanna enter, best of luck to you!
  14. Dimmsy

    Dimmsy Professional Part Time Wrestler

    Voting for Sinnoh ofc

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  15. Frawg

    Frawg Hoenn Senior-Mod

  16. Sky_kun

    Sky_kun Ex-Hoenn Senior-Nerderator

  17. KillerPancakes

    KillerPancakes New Member

  18. StrimlarN

    StrimlarN ex Hoenn mod/gymleader

    Hoenn :) best of luck to you :)

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  19. xGemini

    xGemini New Member

    if i win, i would like to get the fly suit on Unova :)


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  20. Hockeykid33

    Hockeykid33 New Member

    This is my entry

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