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    Journey Creative Contest

    Hello everyone! This month we are introducing our new Forum Event: Creativity Contest! Create something you think will help you win first place! Then you submit your piece here by replying to this post. Official rules and ideas are listed below! Make sure to read everything!

    Submission Ideas
    Art (Digital or Hand-Drawn)
    PixelArt (Created on a server)
    Song (Youtube video link with you singing a song, playing an instrument, or cover!)
    Lyrics (Lyrics that you made up or lyrics you changed to a song that exists)
    Story or Short Story
    (Use your creativity to write something up!)
    Comedy Skit
    (A Youtube Video YOU created!)
    Photograph (Show off your photography skills with a nice screenshot or actual picture you took)
    Collage (Compilations of pictures you have taken all together)
    There are many MORE things you can submit!
    NO BUILDS ALLOWED (We already have a Build Competition, so builds are not accepted in this event)

    Creative Contest Rules and Requirements!
    Start: September 16th
    End: October 7th Midnight EST
    Theme: There is no theme! HOWEVER, if you do need a theme to create something, make it about Journey! If you use Journey as your theme, it could be about what love most about Journey, what you find funny, or even about your friends here!
    Server: If you decide to create something on a server, make sure to add what server and the coordinates your submission is on!
    Submission: You may only have 1 entry!
    Team: You may enter a submission with friends! Make sure to list everyone's names!
    Pictures/Media: Please add or attach a file or picture of your submission in your reply post! We need to see your artwork, video, etc that you create! If you make a video with a cover or you singing, please attach a link to the lyrics you made!
    Originality: Please make sure that anything you submit is original or created by you! If you do a cover of a song for example, it needs to have something that you added to make it unique! Maybe you changed the lyrics, or you played an instrument! Just make sure its Original!

    Please keep all of your submissions appropriate!
    Have any other questions? Feel free to post them below or message me privately!

    All winners will be decided at the end of the Event! There are prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! First place also gets their creation featured on Twitter!

    ***NOTE: If you get an error trying to add a link or picture, please make sure to have made atleast 3 posts on our forums. If you still can't attach or link anything, please send me a pm and I'll attach it for you!***

    Creative Contest Reply Layout

    In-Game Name:
    Link or Picture to your Creation:
    Add a description of what you made:
  2. AyeeItzFlip

    AyeeItzFlip New Member

    In-Game Name: TheReiindeer
    Server: Johto
    Link or Picture to your Creation: here
    Add a description of what you made: This here is my first piece of music I made in Music Maker Jam.
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  3. Studders101

    Studders101 Member

    In-Game Name: Studders101
    Server: Johto
    Link or Picture to your Creation: -
    Add a description of what you made: My piece of art was done on Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable.
    It's a play on the words from GoT Winter Is Coming.
    Dark Is Coming.

    Since it's GoT inspired i decided to stick with their font, and broadcast Johto as a house, Which as we know is how the kingdoms are divided in GoT.

    In a font called have heart i added the date and a daring simple sentence;
    Be Prepared.
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  4. Nubbyzzz

    Nubbyzzz New Member

    In-Game Name: Nubbyzzz
    Server: Sinnoh
    Link or Picture to your Creation:
    Add a description of what you made:so I made a squirtle using water gun in the air . I used bright blue wool with a mixture of other colours + clay. Hope You Like it! :D

    Attached Files:

  5. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

  6. Tom25W

    Tom25W Member

    builds are disqualified from the contest
  7. Ciusana

    Ciusana S-Mod I Builder I Santa Staff Member Builder Admin

    Pixelart is within the rules tho
  8. vvCreeperKingvv

    vvCreeperKingvv New Member

    Server: Sinnoh
    Description: Giant Pixel Art of Arceus, coords are X: 6472.849 Y: 115 Z: -8565

    Attached Files:

  9. BrownBoyyy

    BrownBoyyy New Member

    In-Game Name: BrownBoyyy
    Server: Kanto
    Link or Picture to your Creation:
    Add a description of what you made: a little thing i made with the legendary birds from pokemon go, i think it looks ok, a bit random though lol. Also got some help froma friend :D
  10. In-Game Name: LightTheTrainer
    Server: Johto (#JohtoRepresent!)
    Link or Picture to your Creation: Journey.png
    Add a description of what you made: I made head and body portraits of all 3 of our wonderful owners!
    (From Left to right) Maggie, Cryptic and Expedes
    It was made in MS Paint using my mouse!
    It took me about 3 hours to make.
    Maggie is wearing moderately short mini jeans, a pink tank top and her usual bow. Cryptic is wearing his normal... Lab Coat? With his odd hair band. Expedes is wearing his normal Tuxedo.

    (P.S: I hope you like what I have made for this competition and good luck to everybody!)
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  11. BrownBoyyy

    BrownBoyyy New Member

    R.I.P Expedes
  12. Redscarces

    Redscarces New Member

  13. silverdragon2

    silverdragon2 Dargoon Staff Member Manager Admin

    In-Game Name: silverdragon2
    Server: Hoenn!
    Link or Picture to your Creation: Areli.png
    Add a description of what you made:So, I had to make a superhero in my art class and it had to be something we would like to see changed in our community and I chose a personal change, confidence. He shoots these beams of "sparkles" that will give a person the confidence they need to do what they have only dreamed about(yep...idk). I thought wynaut enter it here so woo... here it is x3
    I made this in PaintTool SAI :3
  14. Oml, its so gewd ;-; I hope someday I can get a drawing tablet! (Possibly a Cintiq?)
    ~Future Light~
    Hey Silver! I just made some quick fanart of your character~ Here it is!
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  15. silverdragon2

    silverdragon2 Dargoon Staff Member Manager Admin

  16. Hehe, I just wanted to make a little tribute to an artwork I really liked!
  17. chavofan

    chavofan New Member

    IGN: chavofan
    Server: Kanto
    Description: During my trip to Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico I went to Asta Bandera which overlooks the city. At the time the conditions were nice so I decided to take a few pictures one of them resulting in the one above.
  18. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    IGN: Queen_Fire_Mew
    Server: Kanto
    Creation: My poem:

    Pokemon Bonds

    A bond is something great

    Trainer and pokemon can achieve

    That can never be broken

    Even when it is time to leave

    There will always come a time

    Where you must part

    But a bond cannot be broken

    Even through a broken heart

    The winds of chill and sorrow can’t make it fly

    The seas of tears you cry

    A bond will still be

    Your sadness won’t make it corrode

    Nothing will make it stale

    For a bond is strong

    And a strong bond will always prevail

    Description: (I couldn't get it on a web so I put it here) This is a poem on a bond between a pokemon and trainer. I found this poem kinda sad in the making.
  19. WisdomAssassin

    WisdomAssassin Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    IGN: WisdomAssassin
    Server: Johto
    Because snow is simply amazing, and winter is right on the doorsteps (let's just skip autumn, winter is way cooler obviously), I decided to doodle a picture containing... yep, snow! The drawing above depicts a scene with a cluster of Pokemon in the snow building their own creations, and generally having a good time. But wait, did that Glaceon get its nose stuck in the entryway? o_O

    Hope you guys enjoy this picture, and have a good fall! :D

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