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  1. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    Hey Journey trainers! It's me, Lily. Back at it again with the forum posts! This time, I'm hoping to create a Pokemon Go mega thread!

    In this thread, we can all share our Pokemon Go friend codes, so we can send gifts, and battle from a distance, and hopefully (if Niantic decides to implement it) trade long distance (just to make sure it is clear, this isn't currently in the game).

    We can also share team preferences. But DO NOT be rude to others who are a different team. You can show team pride but don't go overboard with it and say that someone is bad b/c they aren't on your team. I know we all have our personal feelings about the different teams, but let's not spread the negativity here. x3

    Now what inspired me to create this is that I actually have tickets to GoFest and will be posting any photos that I take at GoFest. But I was curious to see if anyone else was planning on going.

    Now to start things off....

    My IGN: EnderPika2497
    My Friend code: 6831 2646 2722
    My Team: Mystic
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  2. CitizenSal

    CitizenSal New Member

    I’m always looking for new friends to send gifts back and forth with from all over the world -cough-

    My IGN: GiantsFanClaire
    My Friend Code: 9172 1065 8048
    My Team: Defected from Instinct to Mystic
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  3. AyoCharChar

    AyoCharChar New Member

    My IGN: AyoChar
    My Friend Code: 0641 5312 8024
    My Team: Valor

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