Johto Johto Crash multiplied mons

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by EchoBlaze, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. EchoBlaze

    EchoBlaze New Member

    In-game Name: EchoBlaze
    Server: Johto
    Date: 14-1-2018
    What are you missing: Perf Volcarona

    So after johto went down 1 hour ago and came back up I found out that my perf volcarona I use for hatching eggs went missing and 5 of my RU team pokemon got ''duped permanently''. I dont have any proof of having the volcarona, but I checked all of my boxes for it and relogged but the duped mons still existed. So now I have 5 exact copies of my RU team.
  2. EchoBlaze

    EchoBlaze New Member

    I checked if I could delete 1 copy of each of the duplicated mons and it worked also have a replacement volcarona :)

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