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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Savouras, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Savouras

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    Hello there im Savouras.
    The reason im posting this is to suggest a new Pixelmon based server called Island for the journey network.
    Basically on Island you have a month to find the pokemons you want and train them for the last tournament which normally takes place on the last days of the month.
    There would be a decent amount of islands (i would recommend like 14-15) with different biomes on each island that you would unlock by finishing some sort of quests for example Tentacool is dropping Ink Sacs so the quest could be get like 15 ink sacs to unlock the next island which would provide more loots and more Pokemons to find for your team.
    Everyone would start on a central island which would be the spawn. On spawn there could be the crates, shops, a pokecenter and the first quests that would unlock the following islands.
    It maybe sounds mehh having a whole month to just get 6 mons at 100lvl but it wouldnt be easy if the pokemons that spawn in the islands (obviously with spawners cuz the map would be a custom map) were from 5 to 55 lvl so getting a full team at 100lvl is challenging.
    At the end of the month there would a tournament and like the first 3 winners could get some kind of points that they could spend on any Journey server for maybe ranks that would provide for example /ivs on island or even keys, ranks or whatever they wish on any Journey server.
    The idea is taken from Pokeballers which is a pretty old Pixelmon server that the last year closed cuz they didnt get enough donations to keep the server running.
    With the latest news that Pixelmon will not update anymore it makes sense after awhile for some people to get bored of the game and find something else to play.
    I think island would be a nice competitive server, a lovely and full of life touch on the network that people wouldnt easily get bored of and it would be nice for someone who for example plays on Hoenn or Johto both survival pixelmon servers to have a second server to spend his time on.
    I also think its an interesting server like not the standard server that you would expect on pixelmon and for competitive players it would be damn perfect!
    But ofc a project like this wouldnt be easy. It would need Builders to work on the islands, maybe new plugins or custom plugins for the tournament or for some sort of borders so people wouldnt get in other islands unless they complete the quests and someone to work with World Painter which i could help with to build the basic island and the builders would decorate it.
    Most of the island servers are closed now so all the people who played island more likely will atleast try the Journey island server.
    So yeah thats my suggestion, hope you like the idea and give it a try.
    It worked in the past for other servers and with PixelGo not going as good as expected maybe Island would work as some kind of adventure server and not the standard survival pixelmon.
    For more information or maybe my personal view about Island and how it would work you can find me chillin on Johto or you can add me on skype (oresths.m).
    Thanks for reading my post!
  2. ZaneIsSylveon

    ZaneIsSylveon Member

    This is actually a fun and very cool idea! Hope this gets accepted! Nice post! :)
  3. Nightwimps

    Nightwimps New Member

    I like very much the idea i hope this get reallyy a thing :D
  4. Ooo, I like it! May not be for me, but I can see it being popular!

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