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    In-game name: PrincessKatarina
    Server: Kanto
    Staff Position (if applicable): (Currently applied for Helper, got my eyes on Gym Leader)
    Favorite Pokemon (if applicable): Xerneas and Mimikyu
    Some things about me? This is the hard part. I'm a long time pokemon lover (As long as I can remember, Pokemon has been a part of my life) and a marine biologist in real life. I am also a musician and an animal rescuer in my spare time. I prefer water/ice pokemon, in general, over any other type. Mostly for aesthetic purposes.

    Here's a screenshot of my character in-game is attached. [:

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  2. Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokémon ! My name is KillerSlovakia But everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor And this…is what we call a "Pokémon." This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon. We humans live alongside Pokémon, at times playing together as friends, and at times helping one another out. And sometimes, we just like to have fun battling others like us! But as close as we are, we don't know everything about Pokémon. In fact, there are still many, many mysteries surrounding Pokémon. I do research to try to unravel those Pokémon mysteries.
    Are you ready? Your very own adventure is now about to unfold! Be courageous and leap into the world of Pokémon where dreams, adventures, and friendships await!
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    Best response to an introduction ever. Thank you!
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