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Discussion in 'Introduce Me' started by RustyBolts_, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Wassup mai Homie BRO,Im VortexBolts but call me Vortex or Bolts,i dweller in the depths of Hoenn as the best Pokemon master we have on there c; i enjoy collecting Kabutos,becuase Wynaut,i enjoy making money and learning to build,i didnt know much about pokemon,but as soon as i joined i was A MASTER BOIS,i have been playing since the 15 people before me joined at the start of the Server,if you see me,gimme a msg saying WASSUP MAI PEEPSTER or sumfin,have a good night/day and ty for reading <3
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  3. Jadeite

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    Aye Vortex! Nice to see you made an intro post! ^^
  4. AbsolGasai

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    wassup my peepster ;) , that was an interesting post velby :3

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