Introducing Survival

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    Introducing Survival!

    Hello everyone! We are glad to announce the opening of one of our new Vanilla Servers: Survival! A lot of you have been waiting for the release, and this is the first of the few Vanilla servers we will be opening! On survival, you get to enjoy original Minecraft with our own unique touch to it! You'll see marketplaces, in-game ranks, mcmmo, pvp arenas, and much more! As time progresses, more features will be added so there is always something new to enjoy! The server is now open to everyone! See you there!
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    Woo! I'm excited ^^
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    Super Hyped for this!
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    I guess it is time to get back on journey then :^)
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    Great Picture
  12. Joseph

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    Sounds fun!
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    Cant wait to play just have to post 3 Times. Honestly doesn't make since wouldn't you want less spamming messages then meaningful content. :D but have a good day.
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    U do not need to post on the forums to play on the server
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    seems to be a common misunderstanding, but I don't know why people think that
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