Introducing: Pixelmon Adventure!

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  1. Cryptic

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    Introducing: Pixelmon Adventure
    Hello everyone!

    We here at Journey Gaming are proud to announce the opening our
    Pixelmon Adventure Server! Over the course of January, we have seen a spike in traffic as we continue to hold the Number 1 server slot on With this in mind we seek to expand the type of Pixelmon related content we can provide to you in order to further broaden our community!

    With Community in mind, we will be welcoming the popular PokeTrials server into our network to fill in the role of our Adventure server! A completely custom experience, PokeTrials with its relatively young community will be a welcome addition to our network.
    Pixelmon Adventure will open sometime this weekend. Check out the server features below. See you guys soon!


    -Custom Adventure Map
    -Biome Specific Spawns, Shops, and Quests
    -Interactive Tutorial area
    -Joinable Teams (Instinct, Mystic, Valor)
    -Capturable Gyms
    -Poke Stops
    -Level Progression System
    -Prestige Rewards/Prefix
    -Daycare/Breeding Center
    -GTS (Global Trade System)
    -Training Area
    -Move Tutor/Relearner
    -Player Vaults
    -Vote Parties
    -Custom Items
    -Alola Pokemon
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  2. Chewk0k

    Chewk0k New Member

    So is this similar to pixelmon island where you run around catching pokemons? If it is, I will probably quit johto and spend most of my time on here
  3. SckTiger

    SckTiger New Member

    I come from PokeTrials and it's basically a server with different biomes for specific types of pokemon similar to islands, but there is also a leveling system involved. It can be very fun it also has specific EV training stations so you can EV train the pokemon you have. But the server is ALSO Pokemon GO so there are pokestops and gyms similar to the game where there are 3 teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct taking the gyms mostly all day. There are also lures and shiny lures for the pokestops so you can catch better and more rare pokes. Feel free to join the server when it comes up and the community is very friendly so feel free to ask for help if needed!
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  4. Chewk0k

    Chewk0k New Member

    Ty for the info! I will be playing this when it comes out
  5. Tweenlicious

    Tweenlicious Johto Pufferator Staff Member Moderator

    You can already connect to it from the Journey Gaming Hub ^-^
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  6. HuntingWolves416

    HuntingWolves416 New Member

    How can we download it?
  7. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

  8. xXOMGitztimXx

    xXOMGitztimXx New Member

    Soinds awesome
  9. xXOMGitztimXx

    xXOMGitztimXx New Member

    I have looked for something like that for a while
  10. xXOMGitztimXx

    xXOMGitztimXx New Member

    But never found one so you go cryptic
  11. IridescentMirage

    IridescentMirage New Member

    I was active on this map long before the announcement and went on hiatus during the summer. However, now that I've returned, it seems to have disappeared! I can't find a news announcement regarding the matter, so I thought I'd ask here: Does Pixelmon Adventure (aka Pixelmon GO) no longer exist? Thank you for your time~
  12. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Yes, it died ;-;
  13. IridescentMirage

    IridescentMirage New Member

    Oh no! I am incredibly saddened to hear this. D: I so loved all the unique aspects it provided. I haven't run across another like it.

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