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Discussion in 'Introduce Me' started by LeafyWrath, May 12, 2018.

  1. LeafyWrath

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    In-game name: itzLeafy_
    Server: Survival
    Staff Position (if applicable): Moderator
    Favorite Pokemon (if applicable): Bulbasaur, Leafeon... - My favorite region is Kalos tho :D

    I like playing minecraft, watching anime and I am also a big fan of Marvel cinematic universe and Pokémon. I simply love everything Pokémon related.
    I also play Hearthstone and League sometimes.
    My favorite color is Green, for my favorite food.. mhm.. Pizza :3 (ew pineapple pizza)
    If you guys want to play something, or just chat with me, you can PM me on discord! itzLeafy#1230
    Doing this a bit late cause I am not that active on forums but here it is.. :p
    I've been on Journey for a while now. (around a year)
    Well nothing else comes to my mind :D I just wanted to say Hello!
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  2. Hello And Welcome to journeygaming
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  3. Winglet

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    Lef <3
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    New Phone.. Who this?

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