Journey Installation Guide for Pixelmon 5.1.2

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  1. Maggie

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    New Installation Guide for Pixelmon 5.1.2

    With Pixelmon recently removing their mods from being available in their website, the following Installation Guide will show you how to install the Technic Launcher then our ModPack "Pixelmon Revival" that installs Pixelmon 5.1.2 and Forge! All the instructions are step by step and in order. So please try to follow along! Any further questions can be posted in the comments section.​

    Downloading Technic Launcher

    If you have already have the Technic Launcher Downloaded and know how to use it. Our modpack link is at the very bottom of the post, or search up "Pixelmon Revival"!
    1. Click this link to take you to the Technic Download Page
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then you will see three Green Buttons with the different Operating Systems Computers run. [​IMG]
    3. Click on the green button based on your Operating System (Windows, Mac. Linux)
    4. Technic download will immediately commence and you can find the download in your Downloads Folder on your computer.
    5. Double click on the download
    6. A prompt will come up asking about the installation type. Dont change anything, just click "Install" on the bottom right. Technic will start installing. [​IMG]
    7. After install, another prompt will come up. All you need to do is sign-in with your minecraft account.
    8. Technic is now Downloaded!
    Adding RAM
    Before installing the Mod Pack its better if you adjust all your RAM settings so that the mod pack works.
    1. At the top right click on the cog "Launcher Options" [​IMG]
    2. In the Launcher Options, click on "Java Settings"
    3. To be able to adjust the amount of RAM you have make sure that the Minecraft Java Version has the words "64-Bit" included in the name. [​IMG]
    4. If there is no option with 64-bit, you will need to download the proper version of Java that lets you change the RAM. Click this Link that takes you to the download site: Download the Version with (64-Bit) in the description under your operating system.
    5. Next to Memory, the default is set at 1 GB. Change it to 3 GB or 4GB, the recommended. [​IMG]
    6. Click the "X" in the Launcher Options Pop-up.
    7. You now have more RAM!

    Installing our ModPack "Pixelmon Revival"

    Here you will be installing our Mod Pack name "Pixelmon Revival" It downloads pixelmon version 5.1.2 for you to run through Technic!
    1. At the top of the Launcher click on the "Modpacks" tab [​IMG]
    2. Right under the "Discover" tab, you will see a bar with "Add Pack or Search" [​IMG]
    3. Click that bar and type in "Pixelmon Revival" [​IMG]
    4. Automatically our ModPack will appear on the right side!
    5. At the bottom Left you will see the "Install" button, click that! [​IMG]
    6. The modpack will commence download, depending on your internet speeds, it could take anywhere from 2-15 minutes to download the Pixelmon Mod and install.
    7. Click "Play" at the bottom left to launch Minecraft with pixelmon installed! [​IMG]
    8. When you click on the "Multiplayer" button, all you need to is add the ip to your server!

    The most common question is: "Why does my minecraft keep crashing when I launch Pixelmon?"
    The problem is almost always that the player hasnt increased the RAM needed to run the launcher. Please make sure you upgrade it from 1GB to atleast 3 or 4 GB! The process is explained above!

    That is all you need to do to install Pixelmon! Its very simple! Its also super important that we try to leave the modpack a "Like" or use technic to run Pixelmon. The more Likes and installs it has, the higher of a chance it is for people to find this modpack! So make sure to create a technic account then leave the Launcher a Like on the website for the pack! Any further questions, feel free to ask below!
    Handy Links:
    Technic Download:
    Leave our Modpack a "Like"!:
    Download Java (Pick Version with 64-bit In description):
  2. izeeus

    izeeus New Member

    Hi, I have problems opening the game at the time of running the game, the launcher is closed and seconds later it opens again
  3. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Hi, make sure to add sufficient RAM to your launcher. Look at the step called "Adding RAM".
  4. izeeus

    izeeus New Member

    I already did it men have 6 of ram
  5. tony_kujawa

    tony_kujawa New Member

    It says the last thing you have to do is add the server ip. is that listed anywhere?
  6. Tweenlicious

    Tweenlicious Johto Pufferator Staff Member Moderator

  7. Nando13

    Nando13 New Member

    I made all and i put 6 ram Gb on the launcher, got this :

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  8. AlertGaming

    AlertGaming New Member

    it says error unzipping file when I try to download it
  9. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

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