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Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by xXSoulSaverXx, Jun 23, 2017.

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  1. xXSoulSaverXx

    xXSoulSaverXx New Member

    today i was fighting the water gym. helper and gym sub greninjatrainer was the gym leader i was facing. I lost the first battle and we had a rematch, he was left with his last pokemon ludicolo which had swift swim activated and i was left with a jolteon and sceptile but we were stuck. The staff decided that he did not want to continue from where we left off and asked for us to restart, i was quite upset and i told him that other gyms leaders continued even if they had an advantage or when i had the advantage. In the end i decided to just restart the battle and i told him to restart the battle but he left without saying anything. So i was a little rude when i decided to question him about what he did, i know i should not have done that. Afterwards other players and a helper (BSGstella) were siding (greninjatrainer) without knowing the whole situation, i felt it was unfair because i paid the fee but he did not continue the battle and (greninjatrainer) was very rude as well telling me to quit. A player who was spectating (Googliepooh) told me to report this incident here and said that he would be my witness. In the gym rules the gym leader can only cut me off after 2 battles but we did not complete the second battle. Please make sure your gym leaders adhere by the rules and i feel the helpers and gym sub should have handled the situation better. Please investigate this issue.
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  2. BritishPingu13

    BritishPingu13 New Member

    I see your problem and I will talk to Greninja about it next time I see him. Ty
  3. Greninjatrainer

    Greninjatrainer New Member

    Dear SoulSaver,

    Thank you for sharing your concern with the course of actions that happened on that day. I did not say that I cut you off from battling me again, you merely never asked to battle again. I do apologize for any rudeness I have shown to you; I was (at the time) a little upset that you, in the main chat, were disrespecting not just me but the staff as a whole, calling people "fake gym-sub and fake helper." However that's all in the past and I hope we may move through that. That being said, on the day of the incident I had already paid you back your fee and I took a screenshot of it as well (foreseeing if something like this were to happen). Attached to this reply is the aforementioned screenshot (Hopefully I did it correctly, if not just let me know)(This screenshot was taken on June 23, 2017 at approximately 3:41 AM) . Thank you and have a nice day.

    edit: I had to make the screenshot a lot smaller because the file size was too large

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