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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mathijs13, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Mathijs13

    Mathijs13 New Member

    I miss some stuff like the old staff members and old plugins
  2. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Resigned staff members generally left for personal reasons and likely won't be returning. People aren't objects, it's not just a matter of saying "put this back, it's better than the new one".

    As for plugins, /pauc seems to have been removed in favour of the less spammy and fairer /gts; yes, there was a command to hide auction but many didn't know about it, people who played in the late night/early morning of EST wouldn't get the chance to buy things they wanted because less players at that time meant less auctions too.

    ./marry was removed, according to the Managers there is no plan to bring it back.

    ./market was, last I heard, not compatible with current versions and they couldn't find a replacement, but that was a while ago and I'm not sure if that's all still correct.

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