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    In-game name: Riagmonkey
    Server: Sinnoh
    Staff Position: Cold's Pet, Traitor Mod, Moderator, Bug/Grass Gym Leader
    Favorite Pokemon: Hoothoot > Aipom

    Hello everyone! I totally sound like Riag because I am Riag!!! I am 5'2, vastly shorter than the awesome Wisdom who's much taller than me, and I play a ton of League. I still do, in fact, and just msg me if you want to play a game with me!!! I am around 3 years old, and became a mom a couple of months ago. Monkeys are amazing because I'm a monkey and we have to fend for ourselves. Monkey team!! Woop woop. Does Riag even say that??? Pretty sure he doesn't haha. BUT you guys don't know that, I'm still Riag. I really like singing Moana too, I'll happily sing it to you guys if you poke me!!

    Hobbies: Making fun of Javy, doing Showdown and getting my butt kicked by Tiffy ;) (you're welcome Tiffy)
    Interests: I LOVE being spammed various things about uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sinnoh stuff yeah! And singing!
    School year: Do zoos have a school year?? If so, I'm in the year where monkeys smell the smelliest.
    Favorite food: Bananas?? Woah this is hard, I'm sorry I don't stalk Riag when he eats food... but I guess rice or something like that??

    Couple of last comments because Riag promised me (ehm, I'm still Riag but talking in 3rd person, yeah) that he wouldn't edit this, sooooooo no idea why he would do that BUT I'M TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT. ;)

    - Aipoms are purple
    - Mosa is also my dad (true fact actually)
    - I've obviously shorter than Wisdom
    - I play on Sinnoh and Hoenn MUCH more than Johto, totally

    Quotes by me!!!
    "I simply love everything concerning monkeys." ;)
    "Cold smells like toilet paper!"
    "I totally ship Riagthefox." (JAVY YOU'RE WELCOME THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY)
    "Trash all your shiny Aipoms, no wait every single one regarding Shiny/stats."
    "I'm an amazing singer, POKE ME CONSTANTLY TO SING."
    "I'm transferring to Sinnoh."
    "Here's x1000000000 free pizzas Diamond delivered to your house."
    "I am a furry at heart like Javy."
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  2. FoxInABasket

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    I approve of this post.
  3. XxEnderMagicxX

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    This post is a lie. I poked Riag to sing and he refused!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  4. WisdomAssassin

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    This is one of the most accurate posts I've ever seen! I wonder how Riag got so truthful? ;)

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