Sinnoh I got Elite but I haven't received any of my items :(

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by NinjaHarrisonMc, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. NinjaHarrisonMc

    NinjaHarrisonMc New Member

    I got elite but I haven't gotten any of the items you get from it. I can only use /kit elite.
  2. IAmR3liable

    IAmR3liable Moderator Moderator

    Hi Ninja,
    Did you receive the actual rank which provides access to commands?

    Also, in future, please post these threads in the 'Donation Help' section.
  3. NinjaHarrisonMc

    NinjaHarrisonMc New Member

    whats the diffrence?
  4. Maple_

    Maple_ Sinnoh Admìn Staff Member Admin

    If you receive a rank from a chest, you only get the kit from it.
  5. NinjaHarrisonMc

    NinjaHarrisonMc New Member

  6. Maple_

    Maple_ Sinnoh Admìn Staff Member Admin

    We have no way of tracking who/when someone got a kit from a crate, so distributing the full rewards to people who receive ranks from crates would be less than ideal. For example, you could say you got the kit again a month later, and we have no way of verifying. Another example would be since you can buy crate keys from the market, you can spam those until you win a rank and get the rewards from the rank on top of the pokemon you win from the keys as well.

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