Journey How To Gain Fps Guide (Most effective for low end PCs)

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  1. Frosty

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    Welcome To My Fps Boost Guide!

    Hello, Im Prolorix [​IMG]:) a player on Johto, I am no staff member, I am simply a person who wants to help trainers with their journey, I have witnessed a few people having problems with fps drops and such, so I have decided to create, hopefully a helpful guide to those who wish to gain fps (frames per second) to greatly improve their gaming experience.

    For those that do not understand frames per second, its basically the amount of frames, or images outputted by your system per second, 8 fps? that's 8 images per second, the amount of frames your system can produce mainly depends on how fast/powerful your system is, but their are multiple ways like eliminating background processes, or quite simply lowering graphical settings to improve your experience.

    Before you read on, I would like to mention that the RED text are key words and are very important.

    Step 1: Optifine & Better Fps Mod (If you use technic launcher this step does not apply to you)
    Ill stop waffling now, the first tip and obvious tip is too ensure you have optifine installed, if you don't know what optifine is then you have been living under a rock. It genuinely increases fps and also gives you a larger amount of options to disable and enable, download optifine below and make sure you download the same version as your forge/minecraft version, then with ease drag the .jar file (it is not a virus as many antivirus software detect java files as malicious) into your mods folder in the correct version, if you are using technic launcher the mods are already installed for you, there are also mods like better fps mod id also recommend you install.
    Better Fps Mod:

    Step 2: Task Manager
    Ensure you have no useless processes or tasks running in the background, make sure not to end tasks you don't know about, since they can be essential to windows, make sure you look up the task before ending it, tasks like update managers, notification apps or any programs running in the background, since it all uses more memory and processing usage, you can also increase the speed of start up times by disabling start up programs, which basically stops the program from opening up when you start your computer, allowing a quicker boot, but that does not gain you more fps, only quicker boot up times.

    Right click and click on "End Process" if you want to end a specific process.

    Step 3: Update any outdated drivers
    If you have a AMD card, or an NVIDEA graphics card you can simply check if your drivers are up to date by using the pre-installed software, if you dont have the pre-installed software (like Ge-force experience) then simply locate their website and automatically check for drivers using their online software and make sure you select the right card model, however if you have an integrated graphics unit, which is what you will have if you don't have a dedicated graphics card, you can update the CPU drivers by accessing the Device Manager utility on windows, a little exclamation mark will show under one of the hardware options if a device is out of date, you can also check intels website, or AMDs website just to be sure, make sure you reboot your pc after install.

    Click the drop down arrow to expand options, then right click and click "Update Driver"

    Step 4: Tweak Control Panels
    If you didn't know, some of the hardware in your system will have its own control panel, for example intel has its own control panel to change power usages and so on, your GPU may also have its own control panel, most Nvidea cards do, but you can load up the control panels and adjust certain graphic options, usually intel control panels have sliders that allow you too change Quality to Performance, of course you would want to change everything that would help increase your frames per second, but don't touch or change anything without knowing what it does!

    Note: Do not copy any of these settings, this is just an example, make sure if the option is available, select "Performance" instead of Quality.

    Step 5: Defrag and Optimise disc/disk
    This is quite simple, you use windows pre-installed utility software which is found on the bottom left bar to defrag your hard drive, which basically collects all the scattered pieces of data stored on the hard drive that belong together and moves them all into its own places, making loading times a lot quicker, you can also set a schedule to do it automatically every however long you decide.

    Click on "optimize" and it should start automatically, this may look different for you depending on how many drives you have and what windows you are running.

    Step 6: Overclock Hardware
    You can overclock certain hardware to make it perform better, this pushes the hardware to its limits and overall reduces its life span, also only overclock! I repeat only overclock if your PC has good thermal temperatures! if not, the pc will thermal throttle and cause severe performance issues! do not overclock if you dont know what you are doing, let someone experienced do it for you, or take the time to research, watch videos and learn how to do it! and beware this is no 5 minute job, you will find yourself testing different voltages ext. to find the best overclock for YOUR hardware!
    Note: You can only overclock your CPU if it is unlocked, to tell if its unlocked find out your model by accessing device manager and Processor, if the model has a "K" or "X" on the end of the number, then it is Unlocked, it may look like this i5 6600K/X = Unlocked and i5 6600 = Locked

    Note: Do not copy any of these settings, these are just examples


    Step 7: Simple Texture Packs
    Just by using a simple texture pack will gain you some fps, try not to use a texture pack that's resource demanding, as you will lose fps instead, here are a couple recommendations to gain you a few fps, to install the texture pack click the link and download,then move the .zip file into the resource pack folder in your .minecraft, if you are using technic launcher, drag the texture pack in the resource pack folder in the .technic mincraft folder.
    Cartoon Cubes:

    Step 8: RAM and In-game settings

    For the last and final step, the easiest and most enjoyable of all, adjusting in game settings, when you load up your minecraft launcher, be sure to increase your allocated RAM depending on how much RAM you have, if you have for example 4GB of RAM, then increase your RAM to 3 or 2, not too high since the game will end up crashing because of no memory space, you can do this by clicking on the launch options tab on the minecraft launcher, select the profile you use, and there should be a box with the word -Xmx1G -XX and so on, change the 1G to however much RAM you can have, I have 16GB of RAM so I would change it to -Xmx6G -XX
    if you have 8GB RAM change it too -Xmx5G -XX and so on, if you experience an increase in crashes, you have set the RAM too high however if you use technic launcher you will need to open up launcher options and there will be a drop down list of different amounts of ram, if you can select no higher then the default then you have not got the latest version of java installed, once you have loaded the game up, head over to options and video settings, lower the settings, the more fps.. I recommend decreasing the render distance below 6, turn mood lighting off, smooth lighting down to 0 and turn various effects like particles off, if you have optifine installed and working, you will notice a lot more options you can mess with, and take note, if you think your PC can handle higher settings, feel free to mess with them, these are just recommendations.


    Video Settings

    Quality Settings

    Detail Settings

    Performance Settings

    Animation Settings

    Other Settings

    Extra Tips
    1) The first extra tip would be to change your power options, usually on a laptop and sometimes a desktop PC will have the option to change power saver mode to high performance mode, this is done by clicking the bottom right battery icon, and then select the option High Performance, beware, this will decrease your battery life time a lot so I suggest keeping your charger plugged in!

    2) Another extra tip would be to create as much air flow as you can for the intake/outtake fans on your system, this well help air circulation and may decrease temperatures of your components! resulting in a more stable frame rate.

    3) I would also recommend if you are really having trouble with fps, I would uninstall any Anti-virus or malware program, since depending on the company, most anti viruses are massive resource hogs, and limit low end CPUs processing usage, you do not have to if you don't want to, since it does create a big risk for hackers and viruses to access your private information!

    Overall, if you have read till the end, and followed each step, please let me know if this was helpful! how much FPS have you gained? I spent a good 3 to 2 days trying to make this thread completely out of my free will as helpful as possible, and understandable, I would appreciate any feedback from anyone! I am also willing to answer any questions you have! Thanks for reading :)
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    Will sticky this for the amazing guide and tips :D
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  3. Frosty

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    Thank you! Hope it helps people, I appreciate it! :)
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