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    I've come across this question many times on multiple servers and I see people telling others that you MUST have a Paypal account. Well if you're someone like me and doesn't trust having a Paypal account, then you'll know there must be another way. AND THERE IS!! Just follow these steps and you'll be on your way to having a new donator item whether it be a rank/key/Pokemon/token thing!!!

    STEP 1: Go to


    STEP 2: Click the Shop Button listed on the Homepage. It will bring up the following page:


    STEP 3: After reading the information in the white AND red text and you fully understand what that text means, you can click one of the icons of the server that you wish to donate to. Clicking on the server's tab, it will open a drop down menu like this one:


    STEP 4: After you select what type of donation you wish to make, you may be asked to input your in-game name, like shown in the following screenshot.



    STEP 5: After inputting your in-game name correctly and clicking the Continue button, a web page will pop up showing all the different ranks/keys/Pokemon/tokens.

    Right now there is a 10% sale going on, hence the red line through the prices. Normally the prices are listed as the ones with the red line through them.


    STEP 6: Click on whatever rank/Pokemon/key/token you wish to donate for and then a smaller pop-up menu will come up showing what the item is. Such as, if you click on pro rank, this will pop up. If this is the rank/Pokemon/key/item you wish to buy, click the Buy button on the white menu.


    STEP 7: If you are purchasing a rank, this following screen will come up as you will need to choose what Pokemon/items will come with it. If you are buying a Pokemon/Keys/Items/Tokens, this menu will not come up.


    STEP 8: After you click Add to Cart from Step 6 or Continue from Step 7, you will be taken to the CheckOut Screen. Fill in the information as needed. Make sure to click the box saying you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then continue by clicking the Purchase Button.


    STEP 9: After clicking Purchase in Step 8, it will redirect you to this web page where you can purchase with a Paypal account or Pay with Debit or Credit Card.


    STEP 10: Click the Pay with Debit or Credit Card option and it will take you to the following web page. Fill out the information according to your card information.


    STEP 11: After you made sure that your card information is correct, you can click Pay Now to proceed with the purchase.


    Congratulations! You should receive an email from AND from JourneyGaming letting you know that a purchase has been made and has gone through. Now all you need to do is wait to receive your items on the server that you donated for. I wish you all the luck in your donator items. Especially if you bought keys. :)
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    This is super helpful, thank you Enderpika2497!

    I've moved this thread to donation help and pinned it.

    Rumba ~
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  3. soul_kip

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    Does this work with giftcards too?
  4. Winglet

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    Dependend, what kind of gift card is it?
  5. soul_kip

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    I don't have it yet. I wanted to know if it was possible before I bought one
  6. corkabiznis

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    How i can pay with paysafecard? :/
  7. IAmR3liable

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    Hi Corkabizniz, I believe that there is no possible way to donate with paysafecard.

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