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    Before you continue with this post, just remember this is johto only, and also for staff, if what I’m doing is not allowed, please say so and close this thread. This currently is a huge work in progress mainly because I haven’t really progressed all too much due to fearing it might be shut down by staff.

    Hello, My ign is Panzerfaust_, and about 2 years ago I quit pixelmon due to a lack of the pokemon part of pixelmon, and I’m starting to feel the same, sitting afk in a savanna for dittos and hatching eggs, maybe building. Now that I have some time, I’m putting matters in my own hands, and introducing some competition, and hosting my own tournaments.

    One of the problems that I’ve seen on the server is people not having ample opportunities to learn how to team build, and competitively play, and I’m hoping what I do right now will help with this. I want to hold monthly tournaments, with changing tiers every time. To not conflict with existing tournaments, I will try to hold these around the middle of the month instead of near the end.


    Besides server rules, there really isn’t too much I can add. However, some may complain that they lack legendries, or don’t have enough money to afford magnezone, etc. Thus, tournaments will probably be lower tiers, and if we do OU, I might potentially limit legendries to 2 per team.

    How to enter

    To enter, it’s simple; beat my gym (work in progress). This is mainly just for quality control, and my teams will be the same tier as the upcoming tournaments tier. There will be a challenge fee of 500 dollars, and as a bonus, I will post all my evs, ivs, sets, moves and pokemon of my team on signs so you can counter team me (good luck :D). This is so people can look at my semi competent teams, and try to learn from my building. BTW, all of this will be in game, so happy breeding! If time zones prove to be difficult, since I’m obviously not always on, I will most likely hire gym subs for my gym, and they will have their own teams posted in front of my gym with the move sets, evs, ivs, etc. You can challenge as many times as you want, you can always ask for advice, but every challenge will still cost you the fee of 500 dollars. However, all money earned here is going to be recycled back into the prize pool of the tournament, since I’ll be buying keys.

    The Tournament

    Since I’m not a mod, and I’m not always online, I won’t usually have the time to host an entire tournament, so I’m going to use trust in the player base to put wins / losses on either the forums, put in a book and thrown into a hopper at my gym, pm’ed to my discord, etc. The first round will be a round robin, meaning you will fight everyone in the tournament once, at your own leisure. This round robin will last for around 2 or more weeks depending on players, so hopefully you get all your games in. The person with the best records will advance to the finals, where there will actually be an event where I’ll attempt to compensate time zones, and if you can’t agree to the majority then this might not be the event for you.

    The finals will be single elimination, but, you don’t need to use the same team you used previously, making counter teaming harder.


    For now, 1st place will get a legend key and a champ key, 2nd will get a legend key, 3rd will get a champ key, and the rest of the finals will get 5k, the size of the finals depends on how many people enter the tournament. All of this will be provided by me, but obviously I will be in my own tournament, so watch out!


    Besides the fee of 500 for the gyms, 1st place will pm me, or show me their entire team, and I will post their entire team, with move sets, evs, ivs, etc. on my gym wall, this is so future people can look at this team and learn from 1st places building skills and hopefully get better themselves.

    Other cool things

    Team building challenges! To spice up the gts market, and make teams not super generic, most tournaments will make you put a certain pokemon on your team, example putting stantler in an ou team. There might also be doubles, 3v3 singles, many other game modes that you don’t see normally in our normal tournaments.


    All of this is completely hypothetical, and might completely flop because people may not be able to beat my gym, or not enough interest is shown, so until I get enough community support, I’m probably not going to go through with this. However, this is a fun concept idea that I’ve made, and I’m perfectly fine with hosting a tournament, provided that enough people show up. I think that it’s really cool that there is no team preview in pixelmon, thus I’m going to try to not have games go to showdown, however during the round robin if people really want to go to showdown to speed things up, I’m perfectly fine with that, but the finals will have to be on the server.
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