Sinnoh Ho-Oh Not Spawning From Clear Bell

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Laggron, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Laggron

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    I placed the bell down about two-three days ago and it started ringing later that day. I stayed nearby it for a while and Ho-Oh has yet to spawn. Is the Bell disabled or...?
  2. Hello read this

    Before this process can begin, you must first obtain the Clear Bell or Tidal Bell, depending on the legendary Tower duo you want to spawn. For Ho-oh, the Clear Bell is required and for Lugia, the Tidal Bell. After obtaining one of these bells from a Minecraft structure chest, you must place them on the underside of a block.

    After the bell is placed, each dawn of the Minecraft day cycle, the bell will have a 1% chance to begin ringing and glowing. When the bell activates, any nearby bells of the similar bell's type will also follow suit. The bells can not be destroyed once activated. Once activation occurs, the bell will have a guaranteed spawn for it's respective legendary when the day reaches dusk. The legendary will seek out and try to attack the player who placed the bell, first. If this fails, such as the player not being online or already in a battle, the legendary will then spawn from the bell and wander around the bell's location. On a successful spawn, all bells that were grouped together when they became activated will be destroyed and lost.
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    The Bell should be enabled. I will look into this
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