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Discussion in 'Introduce Me' started by DevAesthetic, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Hello, Im DevAesthetic. I'm 20 years old who just works anymore. I'm a College drop out and Im not really proud of it. However, I am proud that I'm making games at home, (RPG games with a simple engine, not really impressive but hopefully the game I end up making will be impressive.) with the lack of programming knowledge I know. But then again, there's developers out there that doesn't even know how to make a game that goes on and tell people how to make it so I guess it counts lol. Anyways, I've been playing for the past 3 days and I've been loving the heck out of this server. Pokemon has always been my favorite game series and the fact that pixelmon is the game that I always kind of dreamed of playing.

    While we're at our introduction with one or the other, Lemme take my time to talk about how Journey Gaming does one hell of a great job. This server Perfects pixelmon servers. I really like how I don't start with a shiny Starter, It sounds weird but the fact is with me is that I like to earn things instead of it giving to me, Stuff like getting randomly rewarded when voting and getting that crate key that can get me a shiny pokemon is alright with me, I got it by luck, I love it. Also I really love how I don't get hungry and die, I don't even think i can die except by fire or drowning, Eh I dunno. The community is just spectacular! I love talking to everyone including the mods, I tend to treat everyone nicely and everyone else treats me nicely. One other thing I love about this server is daily events at certain times, Like as of right now that im typing this, There's a tournament going on and a winner gets all kinds of prizes and even effects. Server is 10/10 to me. I know this doesn't really belong here, but it's first impressions if you ask me.
    Thank you!
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    Hey there! [Slightly late] welcome to the server c:
    Totally agreed on this!
    Haha, there's actually /rip that insta-kills you as well, for when you get stuck in a block or some other glitch. Though, I guess with the former you could just /warp out too.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the server, I really do love the community too :D Hope to see you on Johto sometime ~

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