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    Hello, I am TheMacaw13 or Mac for short. (Mac is not my name)

    I play on Skyblock and Johto ( #Johtolife )

    I'm very friendly and I hope to be on the server for a while!

    I was banned on Kanto but quickly unbanned after talking to the person who banned me but before I was unbanned I started playing on Johto so yea.

    I'm always in teamspeak either with my bot or alone so come and say hi whenever. :)

    Basic questions:

    Favourite colour: Blue

    How old am I: I am 14 but don't let my age fool you. I can be deadly and fierce if I'm provoked. :3

    Gender: Did you just assume my gender? I hope you didn't... ( Male :) )

    Favourite type of music: Vocal/Melodic EDM. I also like regular Chillstep.

    Favourite games: Arma III, Minecraft, CS:GO, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Garry's Mod, Ortus Regni (not a very well-known card game,) Heros and Generals (playing as a General,) and Insurgency.

    Thanks for reading,
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