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  1. SaintBernardio

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    Hello fellow humans, it is I, SaintBernardio. You may call me Saint, Bernard, Bernardio, Slushii, Lucien, or Dan. Lucien and Dan are not my real names, they are just names I would like to be called if you are not willing to use any of the other names. I was born on the 16th of June 2004, making me 14 years of age. My first language is English, and I know hints of German and French (less French because I don't pay attention. (Please don't try to talk to me in those languages, I won't understand without Google Translate.))

    My favourite type of Pokemon consist of Fire, Dragon, Ghost, and Dark. My favourite Pokemon are Typhlosion, Ho-Oh, Raikou, and Trevenant. I've played Pokemon X, Heartgold, and a bit of Omega Ruby. Thats about it for Pokemon stuff.

    I like to play Rythm games such as Osu!, DDR and FFR (Flash Flash Revolution). The Devil May Cry series is my favourite video game overall, and you'll possibly frequently see me mention that V is coming out in Spring 2019 in chat.

    I consider myself friendly until you piss me, or a close friend of mine off. I stutter a lot so I try not to speak fast, as thats what causes me to stutter. I hate myself overall, and my voice so I don't really like talking to new people unless I can trust that they won't judge me because of my decisions. I have a crap ton of homework due on the first day of school yet here I am, making an intro for myself on a Pixelmon server. To be honest, I'd rather play Pixelmon than do my homework, which is what i'm doing.

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  2. LeafyWrath

    LeafyWrath Survival Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Nice to meet you!
  3. ProNyan

    ProNyan New Member

    Nice to see u Bernand ^^ hope u have a great time here.
  4. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    Hi Bernand! Nice to meet you. :)
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    Hi Bernand! No way you are born on June the 16th! that's incredible, I was also born on the 16th June haha, typlosion is also my favourite starter Pokémon :p, it's my last year at high school so I don't get too much homework, just coursework, believe me make sure you prioritize school first buddy, it's only 2 or so years left for you and that fly's by, make them count, if you don't you will only cause more trouble for yourself later on.
    Anyhow Nice to meet you :)

  6. SaintBernardio

    SaintBernardio New Member

    Woah a fellow Gemini! How delightful to meet you in this fashion ^-^ I hope you have fun in your last year, while I'm stuck being a Freshman uwu. I currently am doing my homework with 7 days left before school starts. I will keep that information in mind about prioritizing homework/coursework as I tend to procrastinate, like, a lot. I hope you have a wonderful day/night Prolorix!
  7. SaintBernardio

    SaintBernardio New Member

    Nice to meet you too!
  8. SaintBernardio

    SaintBernardio New Member

    Nice to see you too! I hope you have a lovely time as well!
  9. SaintBernardio

    SaintBernardio New Member

    Nice to meet you too!

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