Journey Hello All ~New to the Server~

Discussion in 'Introduce Me' started by ShaductorMPX, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. ShaductorMPX

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    Thought to follow the format supplied by the Staff Member ^-^
    In-game name: ShaductorMPX
    Server: I'll be playing all of them :)
    Favorite Pokemon (if applicable): My favourite pokemon is Torterra final evolution of Turtwig because he is the very first Pokemon I ever chose through my Pokemon gaming.
    Some things about you! (Ex: Hobbies, interests, school year, favorite food, color, etc!) My hobbies is playing RP based servers through MineCraft. But also enjoy playing Pokemon, some Xbox Games, survival games. As for school, I'm finished with that :D Favourite Food is Mexican and Italian. And Favourite colour is Blue/Aqua Blue.
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  2. Gawky

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    oWO, Welcome to Journey! Hope you enjoy being here.

    (victini is the best pokemon)
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  3. ThorTako

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    welcome to journey shaductor :)

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