Johto Haven't played in some time

Discussion in 'Donation Help' started by DoctaZoidberg, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. DoctaZoidberg

    DoctaZoidberg New Member

    I haven't played since a reset and never got online to be given my ranks and whatever else I would get back after a server wipe. Would appreciate any help. (would be fun to give keys away again)
  2. DoctaZoidberg

    DoctaZoidberg New Member

    Did a little more looking at my Paypal. I can get screen shots for a lot of transactions with the server's account for bundles and things. Let me know if you need them.
  3. JakesShinx

    JakesShinx Shinx Collector

    All you need to do is ask Mosapotayis about it and he should be able to set you up with your ranks and whatnot.
  4. DoctaZoidberg

    DoctaZoidberg New Member

    Talked to Mosa on the server and he's taken care of things.

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