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    Good Eeveening/Morning Sun/whatever time of day it is for you!

    Anyways, without further skiddo (x3), the whole idea of the forum came from the trend that is stemming on Late Night Kanto.

    A lot of fun things happen on Late Night Kanto. In preparation for the upcoming winter months, I changed my /nick to SlytherinSassUmbreon because my winter umbreon skin has a slytherin scarf around the neck. Well this nickname has stirred up some friendly house competition on kanto. There is a surge of kanto players, staff and non staff alike, with their /nicks including their harry Potter house.

    So I want to branch out to the other servers and see what all diversity with have on Journey!

    If you don't know your house, you can Google "harry Potter house quiz" and it should be good.

    So once you find out, post your hogwarts house here and if you want to add your patronus and type of wand, or even your ilvermorny house, go for it!!

    Remember to be respectful of others though. No being mean because you don't like someone's house. After all, our diversity is what makes Journey so unique!

    But I'll go ahead and post my stuff here x3

    Hogwarts house: Slytherin
    Ilvermorny house: Pukwudgie
    Patronus: Black and white cat
    Wand: Beech wood/Dragon Heartstring Core/13" in length/Unbending Flexibility
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