Johto Harrassment and Racism in Johto

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by IAmMadaraUchiha, Jan 21, 2019.

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  1. IAmMadaraUchiha

    IAmMadaraUchiha New Member

    Server- Johto
    My In game name- IAmMadaraUchiha
    His In Game Name- Veast_

    Reason - He was harrassing me and multiple others players through private message and global chat. Calling us broke, racial slurs, and overall just crude and vulgar terms.

    Proof- 2019-01-21_00.45.12.png
  2. Mosapotayis

    Mosapotayis Johto Manager Staff Member Manager

    Both of you were acting inappropiately, so both of you have been muted for a few days. In the future if you're having issues with another player, contact a staff member and they will be able to help you.
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