Sinnoh Harassment Via Private Message

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by Tarna_, Apr 25, 2018.

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    Hello, today I was on sinnoh with my partner [PrincessAnimu] who challenged the grass gym. They won but had to leave before receiving their badge, the gym leader Seankaiser1 was extremely rude and abrasive to me via pms after mistaking me for PrincessAnimu (my in game name is PrincessAnxiety) While I can understand the confusion there is no reason to be as rude as Seankaiser was to me. After being very disrespectful to me Seankaiser stated "There are no rules for pms" as shown in the second screenshot, while this is true I feel this does not excuse his behavior. I am deeply upset by this experience as I (as a former journey staff member) believe that all staff should always strive to improve the players journey, if you will, by being kind. I have included screenshots of this incident in the replies, please let me know if they do not work! Thank you for your time.
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    Hello Tarn, I can see your frustration, and its not an usual thing to appear on our server. Im sorry for what happened with you and Sean, and I'll make sure to talk with him. Thanks for your thread.
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  4. Hello Sorry but im Disagree with talk him you are Helper is Need talk to Mod mod+ Admin Manager or Owner

  5. GalacticDamien

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    @KillerSlovakia Hello Killer, eventhough I'm not Mod nor Manager, but I can still make sure what happened to help for an solution.
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    I'll be sure to let Riddik know of this instance, especially when the staff member in question's response is "lol". I hate seeing this form of harassment on any of our servers at Journey and I would like to say that is not the norm here and it's not what Journey stands for.

    "No rules for PMs"

    Actually there is. Don't harass other players and be polite to everyone, especially those who are not staff. It is not my place to continue, but I will ensure Riddik is aware.
  7. as WildPwnyta Say not rules for pm

    so Riddik can deny this in 100 %
    but is riddik vote what go to not Mine
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