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  1. SDArthur

    SDArthur New Member

    In-Game Name:FilhoDaJacinta
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable):Cacturne
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster:Spider
    Trick or Treat?:Treat
    Why do you like Journey?:Best pixelmon server, good staff, good playability.
  2. Natsu_Senpai

    Natsu_Senpai New Member

    In-Game Name: X_Kangaroo_X
    Server: Unova
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Kingdra
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Wolf
    Trick or Treat?: Trick
    Why do you like Journey?: Its a safe and happy community everyone is kind and always positive to each other and I think that's what makes journey the best server for me
  3. silverdragon2

    silverdragon2 New Member Staff Member Admin

    In-Game Name: silverdragon2
    Server: Hoenn
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Houndoom
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Ender dragon
    Trick or Treat?: Treat~
    Why do you like Journey?: The community is very welcoming and kind, I've been able to make many wonderful friends and actually break out of my shell thanks to everyone on this server. :3
  4. william werner

    william werner New Member

    In-Game Name:dmalfoy1994
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable):moltres
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster:ghast
    Trick or Treat?: treat
    Why do you like Journey?:so much you can do your not tied to do only the gyms you can choose to do them if you want. plus the fact that the staff is nice to new people you get greeted when you join and welcomed when you join back honestly you don't get that hospitality on many servers which is why i think this server may end up staying around for a long time and i hope it does.
  5. braven

    braven New Member

    In-Game Name: bravengamer
    Server: Sinnoh (the best!)
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Dratrex
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: the killer bunny
    Trick or Treat?: Treat >:)
    Why do you like Journey?: Because i love the community and the server is LOVELY
  6. DanglingOvaries

    DanglingOvaries New Member

    In-Game Name: DanglingOvaries
    Server: Johto
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Wurmple
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Silverfish
    Trick or Treat?: Trick
    Why do you like Journey?: I love to read the chat and learn more about pixelmon!
  7. yeet55

    yeet55 New Member

    In-Game Name:Yeet55
    Server: Johto
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): dragonite
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: chicken
    Trick or Treat?: trick
    Why do you like Journey?: helpful staff and community as well as an all around great experience, lots of fun for a few minutes or hours depending on my free time, great server:)
  8. Armoredgoldfish

    Armoredgoldfish New Member

    In-Game Name: Armored_Goldfish
    Server: Johto
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Magikarp
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Zombies!!
    Trick or Treat?: Treat!
    Why do you like Journey?: Hunting for Enormous Krabbies is fun.
  9. itzpsychominers

    itzpsychominers New Member

    In-Game Name:itzPsychoMiners
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable):Chandelure
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster:endermite
    Trick or Treat?:trick
    Why do you like Journey?:you cant help but like your family, no matter how many stupid things they do
  10. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Thank you for all your submissions! Over the next few days rewards will be given out!
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