Journey Halloween Forum Event!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Maggie, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Halloween Forum Event!

    Trick or Treat! Halloween is coming this October 31st and this year we have special treats for you all! All you need to do is sign-up and answer the questions in the following format below! Everyone who participates gets a reward! There are SEVERAL prizes no matter what server you're from, so make sure to enter! Possible prizes include: Store coupons/credit, keys, pokemon, items, and more! Entries close at Midnight October 31st, so sign-up fast!

    Halloween Event Reply Layout
    (Follow the following format to be entered in our event!)​
    In-Game Name:
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable):
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster:
    Trick or Treat?:
    Why do you like Journey?:
  2. Tunesical

    Tunesical New Member

    In-Game Name: Tunesical
    Server: Johto
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Porygon
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Chicken
    Trick or Treat?: Treat?
    Why do you like Journey?: Journey Network's community is very friendly. Most other servers I've been on aren't like this. This server is a one of a kind.
  3. Seankaiser1

    Seankaiser1 New Member

    In-Game Name: Seankaiser1
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Garchomp
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Pig
    Trick or Treat?: Trick
    Why do you like Journey?:
    So much variety when it comes to events and communicating amongst said community is simple.
  4. HaroonMiah

    HaroonMiah New Member

    In-Game Name: HaroonMiah aka Lil'Mahim
    Server: Ye boi Rowan's home (sinnoh) Rowan has some lit fresh crepes btw
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): The heat (Heatran) He is litty like litten but i dont like litten
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: uno dat guy wid white eyes that looks like steven universe? its dat ting dat scarez ppl! herobrine? just clocked why is he called herobrine if he scares ppl? he should be called villainbrine!
    Trick or Treat?: obviously trick (xXTrickyHunterxX) but i dont hunt
    Why do you like Journey?: People are friendly even though i get bullied by ma fella staff members :p *cough* Every mod+ on sinnoh *cough* seems like i got a cough, maybe should go eat some painkillers
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  5. BritishPingu13

    BritishPingu13 New Member

    In-Game Name: ChinesePinga08
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Ambipom is our lord and saviour
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Anything that looks like Ambipom
    Trick or Treat?: Is this a Trick Question?
    Why do you like Journey?: I like it cos it has Ambipoms
  6. TheFire109

    TheFire109 Moderator Moderator

    In-Game Name: TheFire109
    Server: Sinnoh cause of Felipe
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): GreninjaTrainer because of FepStarGamin
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Everything that is like the one and only GreninjaTrainer @Felipe
    Trick or Treat?: xXFelipeHunterXx (Trick)
    Why do you like Journey?: Cause of Felipe. Felipe is love Felipe is life
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  7. aodyn47

    aodyn47 New Member Staff Member

    In-Game Name: aodyn47
    Server: Skyblock
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Xerneas holding a Power Herb with Geomancy and Moonblast
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: BIA_Ravenoffaith
    Trick or Treat?: Trick
    Why do you like Journey?: The staff and community :) s/o to my brother Sky and my bois Adam and Rob
  8. FreezyBurn

    FreezyBurn Sinnoh Senior Mod & Rock Leader Staff Member Moderator

    In-Game Name: FreezyBurn
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Sylveon
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: I hate them all
    Trick or Treat?: Treat, ha i just tricked you it actually is Trick
    Why do you like Journey?: Every server is its own kind of meme and everyone can choose the meme they like the most.
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  9. In-Game Name: Enchanted_Playz
    Server: JOHTO!
    Favorite Pokémon: I like Mimikyu and Mudkip equally.
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: CHICKENS!
    Trick or Treat?: Treat?
    Why do you like Journey: Everyone is nice and the staff is very helpful.
  10. Venomous321

    Venomous321 New Member

    In-Game Name: Venomous321
    Server: kanto
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): snivy/bulbasaur
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: parrot
    Trick or Treat?: both
    Why do you like Journey?: i love the community and challenge
  11. StayTriggered

    StayTriggered New Member

    In-Game Name:StayTriggered
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable):Darkrai/Lucario
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster:Enderman
    Trick or Treat?: trick
    Why do you like Journey?:the community is great! the staff do there jobs and don't abuse. everyone helps eachother if they need to.
  12. Sky_kun

    Sky_kun Ex-Hoenn Senior-Nerderator

    In-Game Name: Sky_kun
    Server: Hoenn
    Favorite Pokemon: Shaymin
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Enderman
    Trick or Treat: Trick me!
    Why do you like Journey: Ever since the loss of the server many friends and I came from, this server was chosen from a pool of 5 other pixelmon servers, and we we're NOT disappointed. We were able to quickly integrate smoothly with the server and its people.
  13. Aidan

    Aidan New Member

    IGN: DoggoTheEggHog
    Server: Kanto , #Kantoween
    Favorite Pokémon: Rowlet
    Favorite Minecraft mob: Pig
    Trick or Treat: Trick
    Why do I like Journey: Obviously because Kanto is the best and the staff team is amazing!
  14. AlisterCrowe

    AlisterCrowe New Member

    In-Game Name: AlisterCrowe
    Server: Kanto
    Favorite Pokemon: Shuckle
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Zombie Pigman
    Trick or Treat?: or
    Why do you like Journey: The community for Journey helps keep things interesting.
  15. VoidWalker

    VoidWalker New Member

    In-Game Name: VoidWalkers
    Server: Unova
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Gengar
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Villager
    Trick or Treat?: Treat
    Why do you like Journey?: I love the community as a whole and how welcome new players feel when they join a server. I also love the way a lot of people are willing to help when anybody is in need.
  16. AnnaBlueWolf

    AnnaBlueWolf New Member

    In-Game Name: AnnaBlueWolf
    Server: Hoenn
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Rockruff/Lycanroc
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Wolf
    Trick or Treat?: Treat ;3
    Why do you like Journey?: The friendliest community i've ever met on a server, everyone is always so positive and helpful all around, it spreads a great vibe and this server never gives up on hopes or dreams ^^. I've always thought of Journey as my real home and family due to moving X3. Everyone is so unique and amazing, and everyone has a place in my heart, i've never dreamed of having a family like this one <3, i will never enjoy other servers as much as this one. Thank you for all your support ^^/
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  17. FluffyKitten

    FluffyKitten New Member

    In-Game Name: TheFluffyKitten
    Server: Kanto :3
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Mew
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Ocelot
    Trick or Treat?: Trick
    Why do you like Journey?: I love how active and Friendly the whole community isespecially a owner that doesn't like Sleeping :p
  18. Mason G

    Mason G New Member

    In-Game Name: TheSpookyLink
    Server: Kanto
    Favorite Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Silverfish
    Trick or Treat?: Trick >:}
    Why do you like Journey?: Its a combination of both Minecraft and Pokemon which are two of my favorite things, and on top of that everyone is extremely nice and inclusive. No matter who you are you can always join and I think that's really nice
  19. Thunda21

    Thunda21 New Member

    In-Game Name: Thunda21
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): (between a few) Gastrodon/rotom/crobat
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: slime
    Trick or Treat?: treat :D
    Why do you like Journey?: because it's fun, not too op, there's no lag, the spawn rates are great and everyone's polite and respectful towards each other. It's just overall great!
  20. BananaBabe

    BananaBabe New Member

    In-Game Name: BananaBabe
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Pokemon(If Applicable): Bewear
    Favorite Minecraft Mob/Monster: Pig
    Trick or Treat?: Trick
    Why do you like Journey?: Friendly Environment with a variety of things to do

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